Moving toddler from cot to bed


We moved our 3 year old from his cot to a bed at the weekend and it hasn't been successful.
Our DS was absolutely delighted at the prospect, helped his Daddy put the bed together and couldn't get to bed fast enough that night.
but then it went horribly, he bawled his eyes out and took him ages to settle. he woke up 3 times that night. Same the following night and the following night.
DS still naps a couple of afternoons a week but refuses to nap in his bed (as he can get out) so he is now completely wrecked and a demon by 5.30pm and I'm the one left to cope with this. And I can't cope with it as I'm so tired.
As I'm due 2nd baby next week I now want to put him back into his cot as I can't get up every night with a toddler and a new baby (my DH had the monitor in with him last night but didn't hear any of the incidents or DS falling out of bed. Men )
Do you think we should stick it out and see how it goes? to me, if he doesn't settled by this weekend I want him back in the cot and we can try again in a month or 2.
Clauds, if he doesn't like being able to get out, maybe you could get one of those security rails (they're really just like netting as opposed to cot railings). I know they don't suit all types of bed (I bought one and then discovered it wouldn't work on DS's bed) but it might give him a bit of security for a short time while he gets used to being in the bed.
Have you asked him why he doesn't like being in his bed? I know at his age that a detailed response won't be forthcoming but you might get some clue from him?
Does he have a bedtime story? If so, maybe it could be done in his bed to get him to associate something positive with his bed.
Hope you manage to get it sorted it before the new baba arrives.
We have a bed rail for DD - bought it in Byrnes World of Wonder.
However if he's so unsettled in his bed, it might be worth changing it back into a cot, at least until the new baby has arrived & everyoen is more settled again? You all need your sleep.
Last night was my DS's first night in a bed. He went no problem yesterday but today for his nap he got up 3/4 times. I had his door closed and if he opened it I went straight up and put him back into bed without speaking to him. After a few minutes he stayed in his room and was playing. When I went to check him he had climbed back into bed and was asleep. In case of difficulty I am leaving the cot in his room until I am sure he takes to the bed fully. In your case if it is that traumatic for him I would leave him in the cot for now as he is going to have enough upheaval in his life for the next while. That said, I would leave both his cot and bed in the room if you have the space and he may slowly come around to the bed in his own time. Good luck.
The bed rail - never thought of that! Am off now to Smyths or Byrnes to get one. that might be the answer.
We did ask him about the bed and he said he loves his bed. I think though we might have made a big deal of it calling it a 'big boy bed' as the 1st night all he kept saying was I'm not a big boy, I'm still a little boy.
Probably didn't help that we assembled the new cot for the baby on the same day.
Lami, we made such a big deal of the new bed and reading him a story in it etc. maybe he's just not ready.
I'm all for putting him back into the cot but you know how stubborn husbands can be
phew good warning. Ours is 2 and a bit and thought of switching him to a cot before new baby is born in August. Thanks! Good luck with your challenge. I emphasise with teh 'Men' comment though as I get nearly more disruption from my DH coming to bed late, and then not hearing him wake in the night. Its very tough being pregnant, with a toddler, isn't it?!
Yogamama, it sure is tough being pregnant!! I have my DH in the spare room, it's hard enough to get to sleep without being woken when they come to bed!
We bought a bed rail today and I think it just might work! DS went to bed no problem tonight, no tears or anything. So far not a peep out of him. And he was all happy going to bed saying I'm in a little boys bed.
So the lessons to be learned - don't call it a big boys bed when there's a new baby on the way, don't put up the babys cot the same day you take down his and buy a bed rail
Will let you know tomorrow if he sleeps the whole night through.
Oh Clauds, that's great! I found with my little man that he was very concerned about being a "big boy" when I was pregnant with DS2. DS1 was nearly 4 when baba arrived and I had to make a big deal of snuggles on my lap and, would you believe, the odd time giving him juice in a baby bottle (he had given up his own bottles at 14 months!!!). It reassured him, I think, that he could still be my "baby" even though there was a new little one in the house and, to this day, 5 months on, there has not been one iota of jealousy on DS1's part.
Do please let us know how he slept. Even if he didn't sleep all night, the fact that he went to bed in such a positive frame of mind shows you're making progress and I wouldn't give up just yet.
Take care
Hi Clauds - how did the night go?
Hope you managed to get some sleep!
yes, he slept all night through So he obviously still need a bit of security and the bed rail provided that. So hopefully he's ok now and will go back to sleeping!
Unfortunately I didn't sleep but that's the joys of the last weeks of pregnancy! Suffering badly from carpel tunnel syndrome and the pain at night is unreal. Ah well, this day next week I'll be in the rotunda waiting to have my baby!

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