My little guys staring in pre-montessori


my younger ds2 is staring in montessori this week for a few days,and im so nervous for him.Hes starting on thursday,we went into today and he loved it didnt want to leave,the satff were very nice and i was very impressed with the place.He wont be staring full weeks til sept.My stomachs going to be in knots on thursday,but i know he'll be fine,my dh says im to much of a worrier.Anybody else feel the same when there children were staring creche/montessori.
Hey Latchford - I think most Mums would be the same! It's so hard sending them off into the 'big bad world' but you've obviously researched this montessori well, he's been there and loved it, and you're starting him off gently - so you couldn't do more for him really. And he will love it once he's settled in! But it's impossible not to feel sad and scared for them.... that's the joy of being Mama! Try not to worry too much but don't worry about worrying iukwim
hi there,
i had a look in a montessori and play school in drogheda for ryan for next jan he is only 19 months but i was quite tearful when i was leaving the place and i know it is selfish to say but when he does have to go i will be worrying alot about him and miss him terrible. Don't want him to grow up want him to stay the way he is forever. talking crap now but ye get my drift
Thanks girls,hes only 22 months ,but very bored at they just dont understand,ill be in floods on thursday leaving him ,but i know he will love it.the joys of motherhood.There ar two other boys there the same age as him,so im happy about friend wants me to meet her on thursday to go shooping,but i honestly dont think ill be even abale to leave the house,it sounds silly saying that i know.
when ryan starts, i was going to put him in the 3 mornings i go to work to start with and grandparents will collect him. but i will be the same as you when he has to go for the 5 days, not looking forward to it to be honest
Ah Latchford he'll be fine, you're the one that will need the comforting by the sounds of it. It'll take him a while to adjust to the change in routine but he'll love it once he gets into it.
If you fancy company and are a bit weepy drop into me for a coffee. I remember well what it was like, all ahead of me again with DD when shes a bit older
Thanks mamof2,i might take you up on the offer of a coffe,least i want be far away anyway.i'll give you a text on thursday,if thats ok?
Yep no problem, I'll be here anytime up to 2.30pm.
thats very nice mamof, very thoughful

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