Toddlers and rainy days....


We try get out as much as possible with ds to the garden even but on days like today its just impossible been pouring down all day & really cold hence the house is upside down - hes pulled everything out & a bit to much tv being watched what do you do with your lo's on rainy days & is your house the same
Same here. The kitchen floor is covered in jigsaws at the moment...and the telly has been on for most of the day. The thoughts of my pilates class later was keeping me going but DH just rang to say he'd be late home so that's the end of that
Just back from a walk.. it was raining lightly but I just thought "feck it". Just wrapped them up well and put heating on for when we got back. now they're plonked in front of the telly making "tea". I'm on MM and gonna make a cuppa while there's peace and quiet.
Is your LO into cooking. While DD2 was asleep a while ago, myself and DD1 made some cake and dinner. Kept her amused for an hour or so!
My dh is dreading the days when he cant get out with dd2 He is on carers leave since March and is home with dd2 practically full time, he nearly always gets out with her. If its raining he will bring her out wrapped up in her buggy but it is getting to the stage were she doesnt want to be in it and he is at a loss as to what to be doing with her as her attention span lasts all of 5 minutes!!
It's so hard isn't it. My DS needs so much to keep him from going stir crazy.
Lego. Painting. Cooking scones or bread. Inviting a friend over to play.
I find that he goes through phases though. Jigsaws were in for ages (and a lifesaver) but now are totally out. Peg board is now in (got it in Nimble Fingers - dead cheap) is flavour of the month at the moment.
I would love to find more things that he could do on his own though as most of these he wants me to do with him or he needs me to do with him (like cooking!). So I'd love to hear more ideas too!
Water play!!!! Put down some newspaper on the kitchen floor, put a little apron on them, give them a basin of water and some plastic cups/spoons, etc. Guarantee you'll have minimum 30 mins peace! I used to stand my two up on their little step in front of the sink in the downstairs loo. They'd have a ball and all I had to do later was mop up!
painting and baking are big hits here for rainy days and when's just light drizzle or "wet rain" as ds calls it we put on our wellies and the 3 of us head to the beach to find the biggest puddle on the way!
If its any way nice at all then we go out but today was really terrible - heavy rain all day long but we had alot of fun indoors & it makes me use the imagination more - twas a long day though
Emms i have all in one raingear for ds [19mths] so we did head out this evening...he loves being outside so there was only so long i could say...cant go outside it raining...although it did get abit more than a drizzle...he didnt seem to mind at all...and the all in ones did a trick.
It's the same here on rainy days, they both wreck the place
We have board games, puzzles, big games out that generally aren't played with so much, playdough, painting etc
Cleaning windows!!! I give each ds a squirty bottle with water in them and let them off. The windows look a state after it, but at least 30min peace!
Huge cardboard box- got a tv table delivered yesterday, and they are playing with the box since!
Treasure hunt- I draw really basic pictures of things in the house. Give them one, the next clue is hidden there, and so on until the last one where the treasure is ( a couple of jelly sweets!)
Jigsaws, painting, colouring, lego, playdough, baking all go down well too.
Dont mind the house. Its not the most important thing (though I try to remind myself of it too). If I could I go out with the kids. Put them into warm clothes and rain clothes sp wellies and just let them jump in the puddles. Afterwards we have a warm bath. My kids hardly ever have colds. I just wait in the door and let them do their thing.
Same here today. Crappy weather and DS2 is too ill to go out so we have been stuck in all day. TV has been on since lunchtime and every toy in the house is in the living room
If the rain is not too heavy then get on rain-mac and wellies and head out to splash in puddles..or bundle into the car to go anywhere for a drive...even a walk around a supermarket to just buy milk can help with 'cabin fever'. If we're stuck in then current favourites are painting, baking, jigsaws, books and water play of any kind is always popular. I have a few cd's that have kids songs etc. and we can do dancing(good to shrug off bad form too).
"Baking" is a lifesaver here. We make playdough, colour it all different colours (with food colouring) and it keeps us both entertained for ages there's loads of recipes online, we use flour, water and bextarter but just flour and water are fine if you're not going to store it afterwards.
i have to be honest, on the days its lashing, im always a little guilty dropping Dd off at mum's and heading to work....I know for definite who has the harder job on those days
Going off my rocker here today girls. Weather is shite, too shite to go out. DS1 is acting up and being bratty, DS2 is cranky. I have put up a tent in the living room and they are fighting like cat and dog in it
oh gossip you poor thing - its been utterly miserable here all day (torrential rain) ds had montessori this morn & then lunch & sleep. dp took him out garden then for awhile (break in the showers) but soon started again., hes not gone over to his cousins house on a playdate & by time he gets home it will be bedtime - yay hope rain eases & you can get out for awhile
We usually do something small in the morning like a library visit, or playgroup, visit a cousin/grandparent, or do a tiny amount of groceries just to get out with DS looking out for something simple like bananas, milk or eggs. I'd go absolutely mental if we were in all day and DS would keep saying "car, car car" too.
In the afternoon we do things like looking at photos online, playing with markers, "cleaning" the doors with dusters and the feather duster, playdough, playing with dry pasta in bowls, tubes, little saucepans and wooden spoons. DS loves baking - I get a breadmix and he adds oil and water. If you've everything weighed and measured beforehand it's just about do-able! DS loves when I make him a tent out of a throw and I put his little table and chair inside it, and he can eat his afternoon snack inside it. He says "mama sit DOWN" and shows me where to sit in the tent. We also dance, play with toy cars, toy blocks or whatever.
If it's really bad for a few days in a row I go somewhere indoors like the IMMA in Kilmainham, the Museum, or even the Botanic Gardens - hothouses are great.
Oh I hate rainy days
Hi there,
Just to mention - there is a great website for kids <>
my DS loves to spend some time on it with me on a rainy day. Also all the peppa pig, fireman sam etc etc websites have interactive games as well. If they have a favourite cartoon they will get a kick out of it. I'm always with them for the time they spend on these sites - they are a bit more fun that just vegging in front of the tv sometimes.
Answers: is lovely too

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