Very Wet in the Morning


I have seen alot of topics on toilet training, smallies waking up dry in the morning etc . . .but I have the opposite problem!
My DS frequently wakes up drenched. His nappy is blown up to water baloon status and his pjs are saturated. Some mornings the nappy has actually burst and there is an explosion of little crystals everywhere. (I use pampers nappies BTW). I was wondering if anyone faced the same issue? I tried the pampers active and they seem to have a bit more soakage than the regular.
This morning he woke crying at 6am and his cot, pjs and nappy were very very wet . . . any hints would be appreciated! Thanks!!
hi im the same as that!! thought id started putting the nappies on wrong after 2.5 years!! i use pampers also and have noticed that the last few packs i bought were not as thick as the previous ones...
DS always wakes up soaking through and end up changing him in the middle of the night and again in the morning.
he takes maybe 2 bottles during the night but cant see how that much milk would result in so much pee!!
Spindle - I switched to using Tesco's size 6 nappies for the same problem when my ds2 was the same age. I find them great for night-time and last week on holidays, we ran out for one night and had to use pampers and like day follows night, child woke up drenched!
dd is the same and i have to say lately im very disappointed with pampers.i think they are fine for daytime cos they look less bulky under their clothes but for nighttime i have also moved to tesco's own brand.i find them much better and cheaper!
will definitely give the TEsco ones a go then so sick of the poor pet waking up crying that he is wet. Pampers have definitley changed something about the nappies as they are not as good or absorbent as before
I too was using pampers for dd 2.5 and she was waking up soaked in morning so I too swapped to Tesco ones. dd is a size 5+ in Pampers but a 5 in Tesco. They are a little bigger. They are much better at holding the wetness than pampers/huggies
DD went through a phase of this & it happens to DS at the moment too. We just change his nappy again before we go to bed. He's a sound sleeper & doesn't even notice.
gos if i even breath in the same room as DS he wakes!!
Yes, we're blessed. Even if he does wake he just rolls over & settles fairly easy again. Thank God for soothers.
I also meant to say that we would usually put the next size up nappy on at night e.g. DS is #4+ during the day & #5 at night to create a little extra absorbency.
Thanks girls! I'll give the tesco own brand a try! He's a size 5+. Like NIKKIT said, he loves his milk and a bottle has to be in the cot with him at all times or all hell will break loose! I'm sure that causes the problem. No doubt I'll be posting in the future looking for help on getting him out of that habbit!!!!!
DD wears Pampers 5+ during the day but I put a 6 on her at night time purely for the absorbancy. She leaks in the 5+ but is grand in the 6.
Ill prob hi jack that post too when your looking to get him off the bottle at night really need to get my DS off it but when your tired its so much easier to give the bottle than do battle
must try putting bigger nappy on him at nigh though he is on size 6 as it is never even thought to check if they come any bigger although yesterday evening he took his napy off and asked for the potty said he needed to do a wee wee.. got him the potty thinking he was just going to mess about as usual but lo and behold half a minute later he told me "my wee wee in the potty" and he had done one. am very chuffed about that!!
our ds is in Huggies size for a long time now and we never experience leaks. Have to say-started him on Pampers but after size 4-5 we changed to Huggies because of regular leaks. Maybe give anothe brand a go and maybe a bigger size at night as some have suggested. hth
we also had this problem,
a lady told me that after a sertain age bout 1/1.5 ur suppose 2 change 2 a cheaper nappy (always used huggies n they done same fing as pampers), we did n it never happened again. we have just changed 2 asda own brand for r DS number 2 who has just turned 1.
u save so much money & dont have 2 clean a wet mattress every day.
dont kno y ur supposed 2 change 2 cheaper nappy but it worked n my son neva got rash or had any other problems
mofox x
Just to update here ladies. Thanks a million for the hints. The tesco brand nappies are working a treat!!! They are wider and a bit more bulky than the pampers alright - but do the trick nicely.

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