What a weekend!


Ds almost 2 spent Wed /Thurs with high temp,sore throat...seemed a lot better Fri so held off going to the doc....have to say chicken pox going around ...and was wondering..maybe......then heard MIL has shingles .now im convinced,rash appears Sat morn allover tummy and back,but worse behind the ears and down neck...keep checking all day that its nothing ominous....but it doesntseem like chicken pox,form...not too bad but wants to be with me all the time.....this morn hes bright,rash seems fadded.....any ideas girls....jane
This sounds similar to what my son had a couple of weeks ago, it started on the Wednesday I took him to the doc he had conjunctivitis then on Thursday and Friday he had a temp. Then on Saturday morning woke up with spots on his back, neck, behind ears, on his stomach and in his head the spots were working there way down his body. I took him to the doctor on Saturday because my baby is only 9 months so I was up the walls. The doctor told me he had measles, if it was measles it was a very mild dose because by Monday morning the rash had faded and he was back to himself maybe just a little tired for a couple of days. I'm not convinced it was the measles maybe there is a bug going around with similar traits to the measles.
I hope your ds is on the mend
Sounds exactly same,he had a green sticky eye wed/ relieved to read your post,hes had the MMR ,think ill keep a close eye on him today...thanks again for your reply....jane

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