Weight Loss in Toddlers - is it normal?


Hi all,
DS2 is 22 months and I am pretty sure he is losing weight - I don't think he seems that much different on the scales but certainly all his clothes are now too big for him - do toddlers lose weight - or should i say look like they lose weight when they start to stretch/grow? He weighs exactly 2 stone - is this ok?
When oh when do we stop worrying.
thanks in advance for advice
My dd1 stayed the same weight for about 14 months - 10kgs - and she had a number of growth spurts in that time. So I think its possible to stay the same weight and stretch so it seems as though they are loosing.
Hope that makes sense
If you are worried just keep an eye on it for the next week and see what happens - he may be brewing something, or just alot more active then he was.
thanks E - probably worrying over nothing - as usual
my son is 22 months and weighs just about 2 stone aswell he has been at this weight for ages. Glad to hear somebody elses kid is the same

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