I think my ds is addicted to barney andbob the builder dvd's


My 20 month old ds is addicted to his dvd's and it only been about a month he started watching them. It was probably callous of me but he is at the Terribble two stage and he turns the house upside down. We found out the DVD's perked his curiousity and more or less settled him, so he isnt as curious around the house as he used to be. But he wakes up first thing in the mornin and wants barney , he wont settle to eat till he has any of his favourite dvd's showing on the tele. It has heleped him and us a bit but i think he is addicted because thats all he wants now. Atimes even if he isnt actually watching it , the pleasure of knowing that its showing keeps him happy. Any ideas on what I should do. I originally wanted to start him watching Tv from age 2, but DH couldnt resist the urge when he went shopping with him and got him a couple of them.

Well, if you think your DS is watching too much TV, then simply stop. Don't put on the DVD/TV. Or else develop a routine that one DVD is watched at some point of the day - after lunch or whatever. Then no more, just say No ! Distract him, play with him, bring him out for a walk, etc.
Personally, I think there is no need at all for a 20 month old to watch TV. Isn't it better that he wanders around the house exploring, plays with hims toys, youetc. than sitting in front of a tv. You can always put away things around the house that are dangerous, use stair gates or whatever.
I find this line a little sad - aren't children this age meant to wander around and explore, root around in presses and find interesting things, etc not have their curiosity quenched by a TV !
I voted 26+ months. Ds will sometimes watch Thomas/Fireman Sam/Bob DVD's but I don't let him watch television yet. I think the key is not to let things become routine. If it is lashing outside or ds is sick I will put on a DVD which he will watch for a while while he is playing with trains etc. Otherwise I might let him watch something while I'm getting dinner ready. I frequently say no (the same as in shops for choclate etc.) If you don't start saying no it will just get harder and harder!!
I'd guess that he watches perhaps 1 hour a week, sometimes it can go for up to 3-4 weeks without any DVD's at all.
I read stories or let him play with water outside (i.e. something he really likes doing) instead. Just say no once and ignore the whining!!
my kids watched videos such as these at this age.
i had a structure to their day so that they didnt actually get the oppoutunity to watch them until i saw fit.
they did watch their videos when i was preparing meals, mainly so that they were out from under my feet and not up to mischief.
work out for yourself how much you want him to watch.
just because others have a blanket ban doesnt mean you should, likewise, if you are not happy with him watching them all day long then dont let him.
just find an amount that you are happy with.
my dd went crazy for a teletubby dvd that we happened to put on one day when she was sick and lying in my arms! every day she used to root it out and hold it out screaming to have it put on!! .... we used to let her watch it every so often but oh dear its lost now!!!
so I suggest just hiding them and see how that goes!! may be show him a barney book instead.
best of luck
Jaci...firstly, I just wanted to say that I know exactly what you're going through.
We moved house in May, and bought a couple of Barney DVD's to keep Jess entertained while we did unpacking & tried to get the house in some sort of order.
Jess absolutely totally adores Barney & Dora...and loves to watch DVD's of both.
Of all the things you could let your LO watch..I think Barney is the best. They're educational...encourage singing, dancing, games...all the things that you would do with your LO too. I don't think for a second that the DVD's replace me as a mum...I just think that they're another part of childs development these days.
Jess did go through a phase of wanting Barney 24/7 (the same as she wanted to play with her buggy/colouring book/etc 24/7 at some stage)...but I found distracting her with other things helped...and now I'd say she's watch Barney maybe once or twice a week...usually at the w'end.
Maybe buy a Barney cuddly toy/colouring books/'s more Barney than the DVD that he probably wants.
And at the end of the day...if watching Barney helps while you're cooking dinner/doing housework/enjoying a quiet cuppa....then go for it. And don't worry...the 24/7 obsession will be swiftly followed by something else!
Thanks everyone I took all ur advice and i'm restricting him, just a bit now( hid the dvd's in the kitchen cupboard so he has no idea where they've gone till he sees it on the tele) and put it on when im busy doin stuff roun the house, though he is out scattering the house again. It just im expecting a baby soon so it gets tiring picking up after him. Thanks Carol I felt the same way too cause since ds started watching the dvds he is more talkative and has picked up new words like barney, builder and other words he's learnt from it. He also exhausts himself cause he likes dancing to them. I was feelin like i was not doin the right thing but i guess it will take its time and he will eventaully grow out of them. At least from the poll i've seen the higher percentage went to 18-19 months which really is the begining of the "Terrible two" phase, well thanks everyone again.
DD is the same, she is adicted to Barbie! (Six months ago I was a proud mommy of "my child never watches TV") The first thing she wants when she walks in the living room is to put Barbie on She knows where we keep them and manages to put them in and turn on the TV
So I ended up hiding them and now they are only allowed as a treat, 30 mins max occasionally. I find it harder to resist putting them on though now when the bump is getting big and really need to sit down and rest.
Andrew was just two when I got pregnant and became very sick, very quickly. He watched FAR too much telly then and became unquestionably addicted. I found variability from day to day was confusing him so I had to set an absolute timescale, preferably towards the end of the day so for us it's "no telly until 6pm". If it goes on at 3pm I'll have a nightmare child on my hands when I turn it off (as well as a huge battle to do it). If it goes on at 6, well there's a natural limit to that at least. I'm cooking at that point so dinner isn't that far off.
It's a difficult one & I too have a little man (18 months) who is VERY sure of what he wants and will scream the place down if he doesn't get it. Not fun to live with.
I sympathise with you! I find picking up all the mess after my 17 month old DD is tiring and I'm not pregnant!
We recently moved house and country and with all the work that needed to get done during the day I ended up putting on the TV and she has become VERY attached to Dora and (especially!) Diego.
Like your DS she would scream for Diego and get the remote control and hand it to me.
I felt she was becoming over fond of it so have cut down a lot - I found distracting her with other Diego/Dora books and toys worked best. It can be hard though - especially when you have lots to do. And of course it depends on her mood and how tired she is. When she's tired/teething she complains more when I don't put the TV on. When she's in good form she's not really bothered.
I've tried to do what Lucy does i.e. put in on in the late afternoon/early evening when I'm getting tea ready. And is it kind of cute when she repeats all the words she learns and goes crazy dancing and clapping to the music!
But don't worry too much - it's unlikely to become a permanent addiction - like another poster said - he'll probably find something else to obsess about soon!

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