What age could your child fasten their seat-belt?


DS was 4 and a half
Dd3 can fasten her own belt about 3 months and she is 3 since september.An independent little madam.Cant remember the others being that young.
4-ish. She moved into the booster seat at around 3.5 and needed someone to fasten it for her for the first while.
thanks X
hi ange, my ds1 6yrs still needs help sometimes but just because he's on booster in the middle of other two seats and finds it hard to find the belt buckle, he was 5 though before he got it himself.. my ds2 who is 4 cant do it alone yet. nic.x
DD tries very hard but still can't do it
She manages to put the two parts of the buckle together and to almost push them into the third, IYKWIM. Pulling the strap to tighten it requires quite a bit of strength (I don't find it that easy myself!), so doubt it she will have the physical strenght to do it even at 4.
Almost 5. I did it automatically for her and it wasn't until recently that I showed her how to fasten it and how to make sure it's fitted properly on her.
She and I both realised a couple of weeks ago that she can do it herself. Big mistake. Tantrum coming out of Tesco the other day culminated in her taking her seatbelt off a number of times to stop me from being able to drive away (she wanted a mask) MAJOR threats of the guy in the yellow jacket (looked like a policeman to her) if she did it again, she has a healthy fear of the law. Oh, she was 4 in July.
Can't remember with DD but DS was about 4. Two of his friends one who's 5 and the other who is nearly 5 can't do it and I'm always about to drive off when they ask me to do their belts up. They're very good at not letting me drive off though
About 4.5 years old for DS.
DD1 hasn't managed it yet as it is only recently she's been moved from the 5 point harness to a booster. Also, she's tried to buckle it, but the booster is too high for her in my car, and also she doesn't have the strength to buckle it.
In DH's car DS1 is in a booster cushion and he can strap himself in. In my car he's in a booster but it has a back and straps so he can't do them. He'll be 5 in November. Can't remember when he started strapping himself in to DH's car.
Around 4 years here except when the blinking thing 'locks' itself and then I've to fix it for him.
None of mine do - DS almost 6, but he sits in the middle of two car seats and it is very difficult to get his hand down. Think he is quite used to it being done for him as well. Must try and get him to do it himself.
thanks everyone
DD was 4.5yrs
A few months ago. She was 4 in Sept.
I still always have to check it though.
Id be afraid she hadnt done it right

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