Arty type Santa present for a 4 yr old? Ideas?


DS hasnt a clue what he wants from Santa.
He loves to paint though so Id like to get him some sort of Arty thing.
Any ideas??
He's not advanced for his age or anything (just gone 4) so cant really draw or paint 'properly' yet IYKWIM... dont know what to get him??
What Arty things does your 3 / 4 yr old like to do?
I just bought stencils for DS1 (nearly 4). He can't really draw himself yet either. I got some dinosaur ones which are a little bit complicated TBH.
The BIG hit here at the moment are simple outline stencils from Usbourne. We use the stencil and colour them in. I bought Christmas ones and Animal ones.
Bargain: €5.10 incl delivery!
I've started to pick up the Usbourne Make and Do books too. Some things are a bit beyond DS but there are some good ideas.
Thank you so much.
Thats exactly the sort of thing I was looking for .
He'll be all business with those!! And herself will enjoy them too.
Going to order now.
Thats great. Glad to be able to help.
Another thing we're doing here is making xmas cards. I bought blank cards and stickers and we're also using crayola glitter pen things and stamper markers. Little works of art ...Nanny will love them LOL

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