Is DPAM expensive?


Just wondering because my sister (who lives in France) brought my kids home stuff from there and she said that they're cheap in France, equivalent to Dunnes or similar? I always thought they were expensive here? The only shop I can think of is in Dundrum and I've never been in it
I've bought online and while its not expensive I think it would be higher than Dunnes prices.
No not really. Prices vary with different things but the stuff is fantastic and the quality is great. Its one of my favourite shops. Fab nightwear for about 12 euro, dresses etc 25 ish. Coats start about 25, dd got an amazing one last year that is still perfect. Lovely underwear and bags etc too........
Probably cheaper in France but really not over priced at all
When I lived in France (up to March of this year) I found DPAM to be more expensive than Dunnes. But the clothes were nicer than the clothes that I found in Carrefour (the French supermarket like Dunnes or Tescos). It's good for nice outfits but I wouldn't buy anything I needed lots of.
I always do my clothes shopping for the kids in Dunnes when I went home. It's been the best value for me (not necessarily the best quality though!).
As for the price at home, I've no idea but I really would be astonished if it was cheaper than Dunnes.
Def not same as Dunnes meant to say but soooooo nicer and much better quality. Im biased though because I absolutely hate Dunnes and actually think their stuff is overpriced tat and always awful quality.
No I wouldn't consider it expensive, depends on what you get. The last itme I got something there it was around €20 for a trousers, and top was €15 or so. A dress is about €25. I usually get polo necks there, about €7-8.
Ha ve no idea of Dunnes prices though so can't compare!
As others have said, it's a bit pricier than Dunnes but better quality too so I think it's worth it. They have nice designs and unusual colours too.
It would be a bit pricier than Dunnes and much better quality. They also do really good sales, I was in Paris last November and they had some rails of lovely stuff at 70% off. I got some really nice jeans in the Dundrum shop for dd at a really good sale price as well.

Oh, it's so lovely to see you
Second the nightwear. Got lovely nightdresses and pj's for dd there and some really lovely stuff for ds1. Not too expensive, look out for sales
I was in there today and got a beautiful pure wool hooded cardigan/jacket for DS2 for 21e - i've seen nothing like it in any of the cheaper stores and even if I had it probably would have been around the same price.
Smart navy blue trousers for DS1 were 20e
The clothes are better quality than in Dunnes and, while a little pricier, are so much prettier.
I was drooling over a coat in Dpam in France .. decided to leave it, it cost €34 .. Then back in Ireland I caved and bought it for €46 .. so we are being charged far more than the French which considering the French price would have included 19.6% VAT (no VAT on children's clothes in Ireland) we really are being screwed
Doesn't stop me shopping there though
No, I would'nt consider it expensive, a bit more expensive than Dunnes Stores but probably on par with the likes of Name It shops here. I find the quality of the clothes great and they do great long sleeve vests up to age 3

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