Xmas pyjamas????


Any good sites or shops for getting nice pjs for toddlers...especially xmas ones.???
I get our christmas pjs from . I got this years a few weeks ago and they were doing free personalisation then. DD1 is getting Tink, DD2 Minnie and DS1 Handy Manny. Oh and Dh is getting Grumpy
I get mine from this and you can also have there names printed on to the pj's

How much do thy charge for delivery to Ireland fluzie??
I shouldn't have looked at the disney website! I now have a basket full of things, despite the fact that I've already done all my Christmas shopping! Online shopping is dangerous!
will check out the disney website tesco had xmas pjs in recently but I didn't pick them up - I must do soon.
I always buy the fleece all in ones from Dunnes .. they look so cute in them. Unfortunately this year ds is too big so he got a knights pj's from Dpam but dd is in his old one and she is already attached to her 'trismas booboo'
I don't do flash pj's! So, DD got a pair of red ones in pennies, christmassy. DS has yet to be bought - I haven't found a christmas pair yet.
Dunnes have lovely Christmas red fleecy all in ones. Can't wait to put it on my DS
Got gorgeous plaid pjs for the boys from Also got some snowmen ones which are really cute. I figure I only have a few years where they will wear this sort of thing, so making the most of it now!

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