Conjunctivitis - Over the counter remedy?


Think DD is getting conjunctivitis...I know the signs....But I dont really want to go and pay 50e for a doc to tell me thats what it is...Is there anything I can get over the counter for it? Any drops?
I used to get conjunctivitis and I got drops that were great. For the life of me I can't remember the name now, but the pharmacist will be able to tell you, If I think of the name I'll post back. The came in a two tone blue box.
I used Brolene drops on dd1 - worked a treat
Brolene is your only man - you can get it in a cream too. If you can catch it in time and make sure you get it in the eye if should not turn into full blown conjunctivitous. Best of luck.

Definitely Brolene drops, work wonders
My DS has had eye prob for a day or so and brought him to chemist today pharma offered me Broline drops but said that although he has not developed in full blown conjun ( his eyes bit red and small bit flaky but not green or sticky) if i got antibio drops from doc it would defo be better, so rang doc surgery and they faxed script to chemist, drops only cost 10.50 while broline cost 8.50 but they defo stronger, many thanks to the pharma for her quick thinking and doc for sending on script even thought i did not pay €60.
Must be going around, although DS just getting back teeth now so also has cold, all part and parcel i think xxx
Best of luck
Hi, Brolene drops only work if you get conjunctivitis in the early stages, from my experience. My gp said that he cant understand why the antibiotic drops are a prescription item as any mother/chemist knows what conjunctivitis looks like. Anytime that ds's have had it I have just rung the surgery and asked for a prescription for the drops and havent been charged.
Thanks girls..

Lucky you. Our gp would charge to write a prescription
Brolene has being available over the counter for atleast the last year, hope the drops work and your dd eyes get sorted

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