Couldn't have been swine flu, could it?


Last wk DS was a bit off form on the Thursday - we thought he was teething.
Next day he went to creche in the morning and we gave him neurofen to ease the teething. I picked him up 2pm and he was a bit quiet. The girl in the creche said he'd vomited twice and again I thought it was teeth.
I brought him as a treat to McDonalds and he only ate about 3 spoons of ice cream and wasn't bothered with a balloon. I did think this was very odd but I put it down to teething. I brought him shopping in the trolley to ge a few essentials but after a few minutes minutes I was getting a bit scared - he was visibly unwell. Took his temp the minute I got in the door - 38.5.
At this stage he was nearly semi-conscious and I was really scared. Stripped him to nappy, fanned him and gave him more Neurofen. Within 20 minutes his temp started coming down - I'd nearly got to the point of bringing him to the hospital - but by the next day he was ok on Calpol/Neurofen. 2 days later he was eating fine and although we gave him occasional calpol he was not running a temp. 3 days later and he was bouncing around as normal.
Does this sound too short/mild to be swine flu?
To be honest yes it does seem too short for swine flu. A lot of people are saying they have swine flu but a lot of whats going round is still your normal colds, virus's and vomiting bugs and then regular flu too.
My gp said that it would last more than 5 days and the ones that get very ill with it are taking a downward spiral on day 5. Its also very hard to get the temp down with swine flu so for it to come down with nurofen straight away would make me believe it was just one of the many things going around at the minute.
I have had 2 real flu's in my life and i was bed ridden for 9 days on each of them. My gp said thats a real flu and most would only have 1 or 2 in a life time so the majority of people that think they have a flu most likely just have a bad viral infection.
Glad your little man is back to normal though. At that age they come down with so many things.
Thanks Alexmum
I think you're right.
I too had real flu once. My god, it was bad. I was in bed for about 10 days like you. I was fatigued for nearly 2 months afterwards. Remember having to get a bus about a mile down the road and normally that would have been a walk I loved. I nearly fainted on the bus too! It took ages to recover from it fully.

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