speech at 18mths?


DS will be 18 months next week - he has two words , I'm not sure whether to be worried or not - he seems to understand everthing and will follow directions - sit down , get me the brush/mop etc he like cleaning ( hope it lasts) , get your coat etc... . Now I know his sister was slow at talking for a girl but I cant remember at what age she got going . Just sort of want to do a check if there are other 18mts boys out there will no words( well just two - car and all gone) ????
same here. my dd dosent say much at all. santa is nana at the moment,and sometimes i get mama mama mama mama in a real angry voice if she cant reach something
My DD2 is 18mths and has very few words but like your lo's she understands everything we say/ask her to do. Her older sister at 19months was stringing sentences together!! but each child is different and i'm not worried, its still early yet.
My dd is 18 months and has nana, hia and NO!!! lol
She can say no perfectly.
She doesnt understand all that much though
If i said get your coat she would lokk at me blankly. But if i hand her the coat she will put one arm in and i'll put her other arm in and she will zip it up.
Her brother (my ds) was yapping away at this stage.
Everyone is different
My first two boys had very few, if any, words at 18 months. I was never worried about them because they had excellent interaction and comprehension. They are extremely verbal, even verbose now at 4 and 6.
Ds3 at 18 months has about 50 words and is even putting two or three together (NO WAY MAMMY!) but I doubt it will make any difference between him and his brothers in the long run.
Thanks girls - feel better about it now , if he is anything like his sister I should enjoy the peace while it lasts

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