Bedtime Stories!


Can anyone recommend a good book with bedtime stories for a 21 month old. While she has shown quite a bit of interest in books, she won't sit for very long - or just tries to get so involved she rips the pages out. However it is looking more promising at the moment so we are going to give it a try.
We'd like to spend at least 10 mins sitting with her as part of her bed time routiine.
Try some of the Ladybird Little WorkMates series. They have ones about vets, postmen, teachers, builders etc. Very quick to read. My DD loves them - though we read lots of other ones too but if attention span is short they are great. Can't help about the ripped pages though...still occassionally happens in this house.
Would suggest a short story with rhyme that she will get to know off by heart herself and look forward to.
Any of the Julia Donaldsons are great, The Gruffalo etc.
DD also loved the Slinky Malinky and Hairy Maclarey books by Lynley Dodd. Happy bedtimes
Julia Donaldsons books are all great, also another book DS never tired of hearing was The Duck in the Truck...he knows it page for page, I love it too
we're going on a bear hunt.
each peach pear plum
theres a lovely hard backed there was an old woman who swallowed a fly book
these have always been our faves with dd1 (and still are) along with the gruffalo ones etc....
.. always find the rhyming stories are best aswell.
Thanks everyone. Keep them coming.
Going to print this off and head into Grafton St on my way home to hit some bookshops.

One from my childhood that I have brought into dd's is the The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.....I also have the very busy spider.
dd will let you read them to her but then she takes over and lies in bed reading them to herself!!! she loves them
I also love 5 minutes peace by Jill Murphy
.....they are all hardback and dd hasent torn them yet
Posher most of the bigger bookshops will have the Julia Donaldsons, Each peach, Hungry Caterpillar etc. in boardbook versions as well as the paperback, we have the two versions of most of them on the go for ds and dd.
Borders in Blanch and Daisy and Tom's in dundrum have a great selection for toddlers and preschoolers.
Anything by Martin Waddell;
Owl babies
Farmer Duck
The Big Big Sea
The Pig in the pond
Also Huge favourites in our house were
We're going on a bear hunt
The baby who wouldn't go to bed
Ten In the bed
There is a handy little book I got from Easons called Great books to read to your children and it lists loads of great books for reading from babyhood to ...well whenever they will let you keep reading to them.
We have:
Brown Bear
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
a few Elmer books
His attention span isn't all that long so I haven't moved on from them now that he is a little older. During the day he likes The Gruffalo and the likes.
We have:
The Tiger who came to Tea - Judith Kerr ( Read every night without fail, she knows it off by heart!)
Flora's Blanket - Debi Gliori
Peepo - Allen & Janet Allberg
Goodnight Moon -

Any Dora the Explorer Book ( we have quite a few at this stage!)
3 Little Piggies
I got the Gruffalo recently after reading lots of really positive reports on MM and it is a fantastic book ! We are reading it during the day at the moment but I am sure it will become a bedtime favourite.

dd loves we're going on a bear hunt, and tell me something happy before I go to sleep, its lovely.
Kiss Goodnight Sam is a winner here. Too much text is often a put off at that age. Both of mine love it and have their own pages which they "read" to me. Go for good pictures with no more than a line or two of text. Or even no text. Hug has almost none.
Goodnight Moon
Come Here Cleo
Cleo and Casper
Despite all the books we have bedtime usually ends up with the claissics either a Winnie the Ppoh- if DS is sleepy or Dr Seuss if he still has energy to burn off. He brings his tigger or pooh-bear along for their stories or slse joins in the shyming in Dr Seuss. (especially ABC or Green Eggs and Ham)

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