Double buggy recommendations please


No, it's not for me. I'm doing research for a friend.
Can anyone advise what double buggy might be suitable for newborn twins and will also take a buggy board or buggy pod?
Ah morphy, I thought you had news
Is the buggy board her main criteria? What I mean is does she want lightweight, easy to fold, etc. etc - is she going to be putting it in the boot of a car every day, etc?
I think a lot of twin mums here would recommend the Nipper Out n About...and a toddler can sit on the front (not officially but they can just perch themselves on there IYKWIM?)
Maybe someone else (roz? ) might have other suggestions...
I think it'll be more for walking than in the car, she will have a 3yo and NB twins so I think the buggy board is important
morphy I saw the post and thought it was for you. I was selling the Graco one (quite new) but would have passed it to you but them read the whole post.
When I bought my city mini, I had a quick look at the double (future research ). I love my city mini and would definitly get the double. It is light weight for a double, my mini is the same weight as the standard maclaren. I have used a side by side and a tandem when nannying and the width and weight pushing were the biggest nightmare. I am not sure about a buggy board but not sure I would like one on any double!
The other thing I saw in London was a big side by side (I think an 'out and about') with a toddler seat placed on the canopy. There were twins in the buggy and a 2/3 yo on top. Hard work pushing but worth an investigation. Also saw a bicycle or scooter attachment on a double side by side.
Thanks ladies, keep em coming
morphy, by the time she gets out of the house on a regular basis, her older child will probably be in school
Jeez -Morphy, nearly had a hear attack there!!!! DO u want to send me into labour
Wouldnt have a clue though, wait for Roz later!!
I had a Jane Powertwin with a buggy board and I found it great for walking
Thanks so much girls, all info will be passed on
Barbie, sorry for the early labour, sure I've enough in the P&T if I ever did need a double
couldn't wait to open this post you can imagine what I was thinking.
Not it depends on what she needs it for, I think you mentioned a walking buggy but will it need to fit through a door be chucked in the car or does she need car seats to attach?

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