Recommend a 3 wheeler pram


I am looking to buy a 3 wheeler pram but am confused with all the options
Just wondering if you guys could recommend whichever you are using?
In some ways I want to go for one of the prams (e.g. the M&P option) that you can attach a car seat to, as i think this would be very handy when baby is small, but on the other hand these type seem to make the overall pram much heavier (compared with say the out n about nipper) which kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice light pram for jogging / long walks.
I haven't included the smaller wheeled types like the Quinny Buzz as want to be able to bring pram when i am jogging.
Please help me decide!
I have the Nipper 360 and its fab! Great for off road walking, very lightweight
I have a love n care x trail that I find brilliant for walks. Extrememly easy to push. I got it second hand from my neighbour, who used it for three years, and its still going great.
I voted for the P & T Dash, you can attach a car seat to it with an adapter and if you have another baby within the next few years you just buy a double seat for the back. I got mine from and am delighted with it
we bought an Urban Detour 3 wheeler for DD1 almost 5 years ago and its still on the go, just a little battered looking, so when I saw that they had made a version that could have the baby facing you I was delighted and then even more delighted to get it for a bargain price here it was 125 pounds when I got it earlier this year and that was just €149 which included delivery so at £99 now its even better!! It was retailing in Mothercare at the time for I think €385 but they don't seem to stock them anymore!

i have this buggy and i dont like it at all its very heavy to wheel and it keeps going to one side.
I love my P&T sport and I also only use it as a single
thanks for all the replies.
never heard of the love n care x trail so must check it out also.
someone said to me since that you really need to have the baby facing toward you when they are v. small. never thought about this before. so another thing to consider AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also saw on the internet an out n about travel system called nipabout which i woudl like to see IRL. might post again to see if anyone knows if they sell them in ireland anywhere.

Snap! Absolutely love mine, is a dream to push.

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