Maxi Cosi base for car


I could do with getting one of these but my car doesnt have Isofix. Anyone know of any good deals on these?
The non-isofix ones are called EasyBase - I got mine in Murphys in Rathcoole ... .5316.html they were much cheaper than Mothercare - I'm sorry I waited a couple of months before getting one - they're brilliant
Thanks Cat - got the pram in Murphy's and was just thinking that a base would be easier!
They are gift! I wouldn't be without it. I got a raincover for the maxi cosi too which is handy for walking - got it in Murphys too. They're really nice there.
Can't believe you've only a week to go - how exciting!! I'll be dying to hear your good news. x
I know - i cant believe it either!! So fed up now though and dying for the LO to make an apperance.
Will take a trip to Murphy's through the week - thanks!
The bases are invaluable!!!! We have them for the twins!! We got our in Co Armagh-only paid 60pounds each for them when sterling was really weak over the Christmas hols-I wouldnt imagine you have the time to travel that far for one at this stage!!!!
Best of luck with the next week or so!
I ordered my Easybase online from Bella Baby in Galway, only cost €89 as compared to about €130 everywhere else (they don't charge a shipping price for all orders over €100 so I added on a soother tree steriliser thingy to bring the order up to €100 instead of paying out the shipping fee). I find the base an absolute Godsend, having to fix on the 3 point belt every time I put babs in the car was a total pain, especially when it was raining or I was in a hurry - definitely wouldn't be without it now!
The easybase was a brilliant thing when dd was tiny.
It made life so much easier!!
So doing up the seat belt. And it could be moved really easily from car to car (the base)
I would definitly recommend. And i think it was a really good tight fit

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