Recommend your baby bath


I'm currently looking to buy a baby bath - don't have a clue, am due my first in 3 months so need to start buying all my stuff soon!!
Can anyone recommend a decent baby bath ?! Thanks
I have one you can have if you're nearby to come pick it up or meet me where I am.
Otherwise, it's an IKEA one and cost about 2 euro when I got it in 2003. It's perfect by the way. I'd say get one of those if you want a new one.
Well, having bought two baths (only ever used one) we actually found the easiest thing was using our own adult bath with a yellow foam moulded cushion type thing - on sale in boots & TEsco. THe foam thingy is cheap, & we replaced it once cos it does tend to discolour from the water/babybath suds after a while.
Really, they are totally safe and comfortable on it, you have both hands free to wash baby, pick up baby afterwards, reach out to get things etc. Cos you are not actually holding the baby, they don't pick up on your nervousness in the same way & they can really relax.
Also, they get a better confidence of large areas of water (some babies find the big bath very scary after being familiar with a small baby bath). OUr babs (DS2) loves the big bath & tries to swim of his own accord. I used a baby bath on DS1 & he was afraid of big bath/swimmimg for a long time.
There is a phase where they learn to roll over & then you have to be careful they don't roll off the foam & into the water. But otherwise I found it so much safer than a baby bath.
Babs is now 14.5 months & we still use it but mostly to stop him unplugging the drain plug
Engol - thanks for the offer! i will check out hte ikea bath , i'm going up there next week to have a look at their nursery furniture so that's handy!
BekkyD - i've actually bought that sponge thing already but just presumed you used it in a baby bath? so i could get away with not buying a baby bath at all!! i bought this one ... 0001_14056
I used that kind of sponge support in a baby bath too. I would personally get a baby bath, as it uses less water than the normal bath. If you choose to use the Gina Forde Routines (many do and many don't) then a daily bath at bedtime is part of those routines and it's easier and quicker to fill the baby bath than the big bath.
I bought the baby bath in a baby shop in Cork, don't know the brand, it does have a plug hole, which I found very handy in comparison to the one I had with DD1+2. I found it awkward to tip the water out into the sink, whereas with the plughole I just sat the bath over the sink and it drained itself.
Mine too is sitting here gathering dust in perfect condition, if you are in Cork you are welcome to it
Bought a green winnie the pooh bath and used it twice - the 2nd time I hit off it in the kitchen and the water spilled all over the floor.
AFter that I used a hammock-type support thing in the big bath or else the kitchen sink. Much handier. DS LOVES the bath now and as soon as he could was rolling off the hammock and splashing on his front in the big bath.
I got one in Mothercare for ds1 and found it so brilliant, I used it for ds2 and have held onto it, just in case we need it again! Its the supabath, it just sits on the top of your bath so you can slide it accross to fill it (no need to try and carry it anywhere!) and baby is at arms reach so you dont need to lean down into the bath and strain your back. I'd highly reccommend it anyway.
Oh, Just noticed that Bun1 is selling one here! viewtopic.php?f=165&t=177608
I discovered on my second child that if you fill the big normal family bath with about 2 inches of water and put the baby in that, they are happy, you don't have to hold them and its much easier than dealing with a slippery baby. It was much quicker to fill than a baby bath cos so little in the bottom. much much much handier than a baby bath. the very first bath i did in the kitchen sink - also much handier than the baby bath becaus eit was the perect level and no emptying out the baby bath. and then all the previous reasons mentioned for getting them used to the big bath are good too!
I love my tummytub and now that ds is too big for it, I use it for storing Lego!

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