Should i sell or wait?


I have the Loola buggy. DD is very quickly growing out of the carrycot part. She is 3 months this weekend. So, ive started using the pram part facing me and lying flat and she seems to like it.
My problem is should i sell the windoo carrycot on its own or wait till im finished with the pram and sell it as a collection? Though i dont know how long that will be- it could be just a few months or it could be in 18 months. Depends when i will get fed up of it I tend to like a change every now and then., So what would you do? Would there be much of a demand for the carrycot on its own do you think?
Why not try and sell.. to test the water, as such and if you're not happy with the price just wait and sell the whole lot as a package? I had a P&T and sold the cocoon seperately from the buggy and all the other accessories.

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