Toddler running riot- have a Maclaren double...advice


So I bought a Maclaren side by side double buggy. It doesnt recline totally flat but its ok.
Thus far, for convenience I have been using my Graco and slotting the car seat into it - but then DS2 either runs off (laughing ) into the oncoming traffic or I end up carrying him and oushong the buggy.
Can I use the Maclaren with a newborn- it just seems so exposed weather wise iykwim- more suited to kids with a proper coat/blanket than a new little munchkin. PLus, as I said it doesnt lie flat.
Or should I abandon it in favour or something else? (wanted something compact to fit into house/boot/doors. I dont walk a lot, but I do go to the shops a fair amount with all the kids in tow (yes, I need my head checked)
tea would you try a sling for the newborn and pop the wanderer ( ) in the single? Might be a cheaper solution in the short term? In a few more weeks the new bub will be bigger and more suited to the maclaren.
Cant believe I didnt think of that.
don't worry tea, it's hard to think of everything!!

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