Stair Gates, which one?


Going to get 2 stair gates this weekend, anyone recommend one?
Are the M&P's ones any good?
I have wooden ones that screw into the walls on either sides with no bit you have to step over, frend has ones you have to step over and they are a PITA tbh,
Some you have to secure to the wall usng screws others are pressure fitted... think the pressure ones have a step over bit. These ar mine, have one at top and bottom of stairs: ... 417615.htm
I have the same as muffinb but mine are metal.
Imo the pressure ones are better, we used to have the screw in ones and dd was constantly hanging off them that she eventually pulled one off the wall leaving a huge hole .
I had the pressure ones when ds was younger nightmare kept coming lose just no good need to get one now for dd room so ones muffin has look quite good at least when you screw them in they won't come lose as easy as the pressure one.
I had 3 of these for DS & have them kept up for DD. They are Brill we love them

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