purpose of hoods on buggies?


is it just me but i found these totally useless and rather pointless? they are to small to block out the sun and the rain
To balance as many groceries on it as possible in Dunnes!

I can't stand buggies with no hoods!!
Hoods are very useful,
They prop up the rain cover
Keep the child warmer on cold days, no wind coming from every direction
Shelter from the wind/sun, well from the back anyhow!
The pockets at the back of the hoods are handy for keys/money
When in the shop , handy to pop a few things on the hood so you dont have to wheel it one handed.
Get a city mini, fantastic hood that does keep out the sun and rain
On other buggies, I agree with you
I had a Teutonia and it had a fantastic hood. Completely blocked out the sun and rain.

+1 CAN'T stand buggies with no hood!
I hate to see a buggy with no hood too.......the Mac XLR has a great hood that can be unzipped to almost cover the entire buggy, great against wind, rain and sun.
Hoods are especially good in the baby days when the baby is lying down flat to sleep, putting the hood up blocks a lot of light.

Me too!!! Not only are they handy for keeping the sun, wind, rain off etc, and for carrying shopping, but I think a buggy without a hood just looks unfinished somehow....
I second the hood on the Maclaren XLR. What buggy (ies?) do you have?
I think buggies look odd without a hood.

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