Making Cotbed into a bed...a few questions!


Twins in beds since last night...well, not really, DH (Mr DIY - NOT!) just took one side off the cotbed
These are the cotbeds we have
so the head and end is still too tall IYKWIM...I think we need to remove the top half but we'll manage that
What are the two long pieces of spare wood for? I have 2 for each cot?? Needless to say, the instruction booklet is long gone and I can't find any on the internet.
It would be great if someone had this exact cotbed...we bought them in Tony Kealy's.
if its like our cot bed they just kind of go underneath the bed rail on each side iykwim?
Thanks 2Littleboyz...I must be stupid, though, because I don't really know what you mean but I'll have a look at it in the morning again
Do the pieces of wood serve any purpose? Or is it just to make the bed more finished looking IYKWIM?
Snoozer we got our cotbed from TK's too, not the same one as yours it's the Alex cotbed and we just changed it from cot to bed for ds last week. When we took off the sides it was too tall as you said at the end and top but when you remove these its the part you remove that you attach to the bed base iykwim, as for the extra bits we don't have them but I'd imagine they are bed rails?? I lost the instructions too, but it's easy enought to figure out as you go along. Just saw your other thread....delighted the girls are doing so well!!! Ds just fell out one night so far but I have cushions too and the bed is so low anyway, he loves it too but is up at the crack of dawn!!! I will suffer this as long as he does not get out of bed at far it has not clicked with him that he can
Thanks dems Just went up to check on my pair now and they were both asleep on the floor (luckily they fell onto cushions )
Not looking forward to 6am antics again in the morning....hope the novelty wears off soon enough
I have 2 'extra' pieces for DD's cotbed aswell, but she's a while from using the bed !!
DS2 went into his bed a couple of months ago. Hos cot bed side rails weren't teh 'stuck together' ones, but instead, each spindle had to be placed into the top and bottom rail of the side (i cursed many a time making his cot when nealry 40 weeks pg !!).
Anyway, I didn't have teh instructions when changing it to a bed, so looked at the picture of it i had from teh brouchure.
What i found was that the bottm of the rails (or ur 2 extra bits) were extra stability for teh bed. The went slightly above the base, but beside it IUKWIM. In otherwords, the gave teh bed a bit of a rim for the matress to fit into. Cos when u just have a cot, the matress sits on teh base and u have the side rails for protection. The 2 extra bits, fpor all the world, are that little bit of protection for teh matress sides.
I'm sure there are already holes in teh extra bits for screws, and u'll prob find spare holes in teh head and foot of the cot aswel. That is where the extra bits will fit.

Ah bless!!!........ I love checking in on ds now and seeing him all snug with his duvet and pillow!!! Loved grobags for convenience but they are just beyond cute in their little beds
Thanks, do they go at the top and bottom or along the sides??? Sorry...I'm such a clown!

I know!! We're moving house in the next couple of weeks and I bought some FAB stuff in IKEA for their new room - cannot wait to get cracking on it
Just looking at the pics of ur cotbeds. They seems to have a similar design to DD's cot. The foot of the cot has 2parts. When changed to a bed, the top 3/4 of the bed end lifts up so u can removed teh bottom 1/4 and then replace teh top 3/4 again ( i cud be wrong, but it looked like that from teh pic) and that is the new end for teh bed. U will know if it is like this cos the 2 parts will seperate when u pull up on teh end when both side rails are taken off.
I'm probably not making sence here cos not sure if I'm explaining myself right !!
DS2's bed has a tall head and tall end. It doesn't take from teh cot at all, so I wouldn't worry about them being tall.!
The 'extra' bits, if long, as in same length as cot, go along the sides. Not as a bed rail though ( the Tomy type ones) just more of a 'holder' for the matress. When u take both side rails off, try put the extra bits just under the base of the cot , screwed into the same holes as the bottom of the side rails was screwed into. Or maybe the base needs to move down one screw hole and the extra bits screwed into the higher holes.
I'm prob confusing u more that what u are, sorry.
ijab - thanks so much for bothering to reply to me! Unfortunately, I haven't a clue what you're talking about
It might make more sense when I have the cot in front of me....hopefully!!
Thanks anyway...I think it's time for my own cotbed now - nitey nite!

I know!! We're moving house in the next couple of weeks and I bought some FAB stuff in IKEA for their new room - cannot wait to get cracking on it
Snap!!! We got all ds room stuff from Ikea.....all Barnslig Rand textiles and Mammut bed, chair and locker, and some Trofast storage for toys, we will set up the bed now that we know he is settled in the cot bed, I'm already planning dd's room from the catalogue and online

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