Britax Eclipse SI carseat


Anyone using the Britax Eclipse SI? DD is still in her infant carrier at the moment but will soon need to move to the next stage carseat.
I already have a carseat suitable but am thinking of getting this one instead. Any opinions on it, good or bad appreciated.
Hiya! I had one for DD1 and found it a great fit. We had it in a VW Passat and a Citroen Picasso, fit great in both. My nephew uses it now. My sister uses it as a spare. She also has her own one for her DS, he went in it at 10/11 months old. They were in a bad accident during the summer, and the Eclipse never budged in the car. The car was a write off and there wasnt a mark on DN or the seat. The fireman said it saved his life. My sister will probably come in to tell you about it, she would recommend it.
My bil and his wife use them too and have no probs. His car was rear ended and the seat never budged then either.
Im getting it or the First Class for DD2. Im swaying towards the FC because it comes in pink and has the option of going rear facing.
Check it fits your car at and go to Fit Finder.
Ruth, were we separated at birth? I want to change to the Britax cos it comes in pink (would get filthy though I'd say) ... 69c740820c
Thanks for the feed back, you are very knowledgeable on all things baby!
I think we must have been seperated at birth, or both bon with the same impeccable taste!
I know the colour isnt practical, but when did that ever worry me!
Oh the Eclipse comes in pink too! I was looking at the First Class in pink: ... =449514941
You could put your DD in it now rear facing. I might wait until she turns 1 and get the Eclipse. Oh decisions! Im definitely getting the pink though. We will soon be able to pick each other out of a crowd, by buggies and car seats!
Ruth, it'd be great if you could get 20% off the FC in LW!
I have been recognised because of one of my slings.
Thats the plan! I have to bring my balance down before I can order it hopefully it will still be a valid code then.
If Ive ever been recognised by a buggy, no one told me. Id love to know! Its mad that you can be recognised form a sling, we all feel like we 'know' each other though!
ha ha u 2 are hilarious!!slightly jealous cause i love the pink one!!we need to get ds a new seat and i reali want a rear/forward facing but just wondering does the britax eclipse come with isofix,this is a must for us at the mo!!
Don't think so PP, but here are 2 from the Britax website. ... &Itemid=31 ... &Itemid=31
How would I know if my car has Isofix? Can't remember if it was in the specs.
Think I talked DH round already, told him we shouldn't use the other seat as they need to be changed after 5 years and even though it was only used for 2 we would still need to buy a new one eventually!!!
thanx morphy,reali want a rearward/forward facing so back to the drawing board.i think thats a great arguement for u dh not sure bout the isofix,the shop should be able to check ur car and let u know tho
Hi morphy,
We have the britax eclipse si and find it great. Dd is just 10 months, so only in it a month. There is a great recline in it and dd looks so comfy in the seat.
Thanks Begu, think I'll go for it.
Hi All
I bought this car seat about 2 wks ago for DD2 who is almost 15mths, i only fitted it on saturday but thought he looked "swashed" in it ? It could just be my imagination but he didn't seem to have much room in it & it's quiet laid back even when not in recline, I was actually debating changing it for the Brittax Evolva 1-2-3 or a Maxi Cosi seat but not too sure now reading all your reviews.
Has anyone used it or is using it for a child age 3 r 4 ? I must say it does look really comfortable but he didn't seem too impressed yesterday as he wasn't as upright as the seat i took out, it was a spare one I had for my DD1 but i was never too impressed with it...
Can't help you chucky as i haven't bought mine yet. I'm still undecided batween the Eclipse and the First Class.
I went with the First Class in the end, got it a good price on (thanks morphy )
But my older kids got until 3 years out of the Eclipse. My nephew is almost 4, although hes dainty, and he still fits in it. I try and only put a body-warmer or zip up top on them in the car, so they arent too bulky. Did you try moving the harness height and letting out a bit of slack on the harness? Otherwise, if you are not happy with it, go back to the shop and show them. HTH.
Thanks a million, might take another look at the way i've it set up this evening, i thought it just looked so comfy when I seen it in the shop, there's too many choices out there anyway....I got it in Smyths & the girl did say to bring it back if it didn't fit car or child so shouldn't be any hassle there
Thanks again for the replies, great to get another opinion!!

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