What age should a child be for a booster?


My three year old is to big in his car seat and I was wondering should i get him another car seat or just a booster now?
If he's over 15kg, then you can move him into a highback booster, like the Maxi Cosi Rodi or the Britax Evolva23. The simple booster cushions aren't suitable until the child is 25kg (around 6 years old).
When DD1 was too big for her car seat at 3, we changed her into a Britax Evolva 123. Its a great seat, has a 5 point harness up until 18kgs and then can be removed for a booster seat. She always falls asleep in it, so it must be comfy! ... b54dc49ee9
Check on and go to Fit Finder to check its suitable for your car.
excellent...thanks for posting both of you!

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