Nanny Agencies....anyone know about them?


Want to talk to some agencies about getting a nanny for when I go back to work later this year. Anyone have any recommendations? Anyone know are the fees negotiable? 10% of full years salary seems steep to me......Anyone know which agencies would have part-time nannies? The only one I've spoken to so far doesn't do part-time... Would really like someone qualified (Mary Poppins or Wendy Craig's Nanny would be ideal!!!!!)
I used one of the Nanny agencies three years ago. Like you I was looking for a partime nanny. The agency did have difficultly finding any candidates and the only one they sourced ended up working for us. In hindsight I do not think that they are worth the money. I am not sure if the fee can be negotiated but you need to remember that they add VAT onto the fee as well. I would recommend that you register as an employer with the Revenue and advertise on FAS. It may be more work in terms of vetting applicants but I am not sure how much vetting the agencies do.
Part-time is very difficult to find thru nanny agencies. Would you put an ad on Rollercoaster and Gumtree? They are the main childcare sites. Pod
On balance I think I'll go back on a 4 day week and so the nanny would have 40-42 hours over 4 days. If I was looking for a full-time nanny that would make it easier to source one through the agencies. So anyone any recommendations for an agency? Have looked through rollercoaster before for someone part-time and I found the quality very variable and mostly not great. At €10-€12 an hour for unqualified people on rollercoaster versus €13 an hour for someone qualified with 3-6 years experience, prefer to go with qualifications/ experience. Must check out Gumtree though......
I used Nanny Solutions and was happy with them.
Thanks ClaireC, they are the one agency I've already made enquiries with and I liked the lady I spoke with on the phone. They don't deal with part-time positions at all but as I've come around to the idea of a 4 day week I may well pursue things with them. Anyone any experience with any of the others just so I examine all the options?
The agency I used was Executive Nannies and they were willing to look for a part-time nanny
Don't know if this is any help but I am aware the agencies advertise on for their candidates as a nurse I got from an agency who did some nights for me told me that was how the agency recruited her.If you check it out you will see under childcare.Good luck with your search.
Thanks Elainer, that could save me the agency fee couldn't it? As a matter of interest which aghency did you use and would you be willing to recommend them? Could you PM if you'd prefer not to say publicly? Thanks
Both Executive and Solutions are good but still check references yourself.Good Luck!
Hi. I just came back from America and was speaking to a friend of mine who is interested in visiting Ireland after she finishes school in a year's time. She used to work as a nanny in Boston so she has the experience and the references. My question is do you think it's possible she can get a job as a nanny and have the family host her so she can get a work visa or do you think she has to go through an agency?

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