Where to become a childminder - Need answers!


I would like to start chilminding. I worked in a creche before I had DD.
I live in Dublin south east and I rent a house. So I don't care to move if it's around Blackrock.
I was just thinking, there is no point to become chilminder in an area where there are already a lot of chilminders, creches and not that much families who need chilminders.
I'm currently in Killiney.
So what do you think? Where is there a lack of chilminders - afterschool care? Or a need of chilminders?
Could you help me?
Hi ya
Check this site out and give them a call
I talked to a lovely lady the other day as i am looking into different types of childcare as going back to college and she gave me the name of the people available in my area. Blackrock/Dun laoghaire, Killiney that had spaces (maximun of three kids) and there were two only everyone else was booked. Too expensive for me but its worth the phone call.
Good luck and hope it works out
Huge shortage of Childminders in S Dublin.
thank you for your answer!

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