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We are trying to figure out what to offer for childcare.
I'm meeting 2 women next week ,both of whom have childcare expereince working in creches but neither of whom are qualified, to discuss minding our 2 boys. The boys will be 1 and 4.
We would require approx 7 hours for 12-14 days per month. The actual times will vary .. either 8.30 till 3 or 1pm till 6.30.
One of them would be minding in our home ... and bring her 3 year old ... the other would be in her's.
Can anyone give me an idea what to offer. I've had a look on rollercoaster but the rates seem to vary a lot.
We realise that we need someone flexible and are happy to pay more for this.
Gosh, Im not really sure. Just to let you know my own situation, we are paying eight euro an hour for a girl to come to our house and mind DD while I work from home, four mornings a week. She had some experiance too, mainly with older children.
I was thinking working out a per hour rate based on the max no of hours and making this the monthly rate would be the way to go or dividing by 4 and paying this per week. Just not sure if the hourly or daily rate is based on the no of children minded or on their ages or both iykwim ?
If the hours you've quoted are nearly always the same just the days changing then I'd go with a daily rate. For me as a childminder it would €60 per day for the 2 kids based on those hours, thats what I get for minding the kids I mind! If the hours change from day to day then this is the way we've worked it out, anything up to 1 during the day would be considered a half day so €20 for 1 child €30 for 2 kids, after that it's a full day so €40 for 1 and €60 for 2, for the kids after school if they have a half day that finishes before 1 it's considered and in between so €30 for 1 child and €45 for 2!
I hope this might help you figure things out!
I still can't figure out which should be paid more either in the home or out of the home, at the moment If it were me I think both would be the same because if I were to take my kids to someone elses house then my house is spared but I'd have to take my kids out where as coming to my house my kids stay put but my house isn't spared, something I've seen take it's toll with minding the various kids I mind!
I see you are in Cork and I'm guessing that it would be a bit more for Dublin but at least that gives me a ballpark to start with.
Does it make a difference if the minder is qualified/ registered ?
I do think there is a difference between dublin and the rest of the country but this as you say will give you a base figure!!
I guess qualifications is something you'll have to decide on yourself, I can't tell because the 3 mothers of the kids I mind approached me to mind their kids so I guess they are happy enough with how my girls are being brought up, the environment their kids will be in etc.
I don't know how you plan on meeting both women, first to get a vibe from them?? Then I'd imagine it would be a case of going to the womans house where she'd be minding them in her own house or the woman who'll come to your house coming to your house, I know I've been reassured by parents that you just know when someone is right, I minded 3 kids before I had both DD's and 10 years ago after I had visited their house for an interview the father followed me to the bus stop to ask if I'd mind there DS!! So I seem to have always had people chase me to mind their kids which I take as a compliment!!
That is a compliment, Dido!
DB2 -try the website on for more advice.
My childminder is qualified and registered and minds in her own home - which suits me fine as I work from home and couldn't work with the kids here.
It's €35 per child for a full day and €25 for a half/two-thirds day.
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