Nursing chair, want to buy in Dub, suggestions?


I'm planning on breasfeeding babs due in 4 weeks but may be induced next week.
I would really like to get a nice comfortable chair with good back support, i Like the idea of a rocker-with-footstool (have seen pics) want a nice stylish one, good quality, not toooooooo expensive. Gotta be available to buy in Dublin, & preferably not have to wait weeks to arrive.
I would be really grateful for any suggestions you may have.
Tony Kealy's usually have them in stock, I think. I got one in there on sale for about €250 last time I was pregnant.
They have this one at the moment for €150. IMO you don't have to pay loads for one. They are all quite comfy and do the same job. ... er=bedroom
Maybe try Eurobaby on the longmile road?
Or Murphy's in Rathcoole...
Oh, Smyths have them in their catalogue as well... it's the one thing I regretted not buying when DD was born - so go for it!
We also have them in stock here ready to ship or collect. We're based in Tallaght. ... cts_id=536
Hope you get one - they are ULTRA comfortable!
I have just bought the same Babyglo in Smyths for €120. It's so comfy.

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