Buggy/ a first timer


I'm 29 weeks pregnant on #1 and its time for me to start thinking about which pram/buggy I will send dh off to buy when our baby arrives, in a few months all going well.
I'm not really sure where to start.
I know that I want a pram option and obviously I need the car seat and buggy.
I did have a look in Smyths and was shown a Grace Quattro, which had pram insert, buggy and car seat as an all in one package.
They also showed me a silvercross pram/buggy and was told could purchase a car seat that would also fit onto the wheels.
There was a quinny there and I liked the pram/carrycot part but didnt like the buggy part.
They didnt have the mamas and papas, bugaboo or Jane ranges so I will have to look elsewhere for those.
There seems to be a huge difference in price, I had thought I would be spending in the 800-1000 euro range but the graco was 399 for the lot and the silvercross around 600 euro. They seemed strudy to me ......but I didnt have anything to compare to
any tips?
I've just bought a bebe confort loola for my dd who's nearly 9 months and wish i had of bought it to begin with they have deals on with the buggy, carrycot and carseat including delivery it would probably be about 510 so its a good price and when babs is big enough to go in the buggy part you have have him/her facing you or facing outwards which is another plus.
Heres a link to them on the babydaysdirect site
Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
Hiya, I have the Loola system too and find it great. The Windoo carrycot was brilliant for a newborn, and the car seat clips right onto the frame, the buggy part can be rear or forward facing too
Best thing to do is get a demo in Mothercare of the buggies you like, then order online! Babydaysdirect are great, and cheapest for the loola package.
I got the Graco quatro travel system for dd before she was born. It is a lovely sturdy buggy and I loved it but it is very large when folded and won't fit into a small boot, ie Punto or Fiesta style car without taking the wheels off!
When i have the next baby, I will definetly be going for the silvercross or M&P's pram that converts to a stroller as I don't want to have to buy a bigger car to get the Graco into!!!
I think that all shop assistants should be told about what cars the buggy's fit into so that people don't end up stuck like I did!
To be honest if I was doing it again I wouldn't buy new - there is a fantastic buggies/prams for sale board on here you should be able to get what you want 2nd hand. I found I needed 3 - had a big old bouncy pram which DS slept in downstairs til he was 6months, have a 3 wheeler for out walking and the good old maclaren quest is in the car for town!
We originally bought a Britax travel system before DS was born and like BarnwellMummy, I found it very big and bulky - difficult to get in and out of the boot and quite heavy too. when you are out looking, you should def get them to bring the buggy out to your car and try fitting it in your boot. Also I know you're pregnant at the moment so you won't really want to be lifting it but just give a try at lifting the buggy when folded to make sure it's not too heavy for you (remember you're going to be the one out and about with the baby the most so you're going to be doing a lot of lifting of the buggy)
When our DS was 9 months or so, we ended up buying the M&P Pramette and I absolutely love it - I'm only sorry we didn't just get that in the first place. I love the fact that it can be a lie flat pram for the first few months and it converts to stroller so easily. It folds up really well, fits in boot no bother and it isn't too heavy at all. Only downside is the size of the basket underneath which is much smaller than the previous buggy.
I bought a Silvercross 3D Jet Sport while I was pregnant, folds down easy and fairly small, good padded seat, lovely looking pushchair but i HATED it and was looking for a replacement within weeks of dd being born.
I have recently bought a Bugaboo Bee and I would like another in the future and it will definately be my main pushchair because it is so veratile but one range I thing definately worth looking at are Bebecar prams, you can choose your wheels, pushchair seat, carry cot and car seat seperately. If you decided not to buy a carry cot you can get a soft liner for the pushchair seat to turn it into a carry cot which i found fab when i had ds. I didn't get one because i thought they were too expensive and i was driving a small car but i have since bought a Bebecar Racer, their older 3 wheeled pushchair for walking etc and it is really good.
Their range has become a lit more diverse this year and a lot less boring
Hi Mrs GG
You are right to be thinking of it now and trying out as many pushchairs and prams as you can. I got the bugaboo for my ds. I nearly had a hearth attack at the price but both dh and i think it was the best money we have ever spent. Its so light and easy to push. We have used it on sand, in the country, around the city and even on snow!! The pram part is great our son was as snug as a bug and always very happy in it. Only problem i will say is that its a hard pushchair to take on holidays as it comes in two parts and could be damaged easy. I found mothercare to be very helpfull when looking at pushchairs
I also looked at the quinny but did not like the small shopping backet. My sister also got the graco but had to stop using it after a few weeks as it was so heavy and she could not lift it!!
hope you find your dream pram soon take care
thanks girls
You've all given me a few valuable pointers
Good point about the Graco....I have a small car and while its old and needs updating I dont want the buggy to dictate the type of car I buy. It did appear very big even when the assistant showed it to us folded up.
I'm liking the description of the m & p and bugaboo and the bebecar ones so must check them out
thanks again
Hi there
I bought the Graco Mosiac Travel System for my son (doesn't have the carrycot though) it was only 150e in Smyths...People waste alot of money on big expensive travel systems that really don't stand the test of tme & most end up getting strollers anyway as we did.
If I were to do it over again. i would get a Maclaren Techno XT...Suitable from birth. lyes completely flat & really sterdy good buggy. less then 200euro. Get a car seat & base for car. IMO babies are better off lying flat rather than in them car seats anyway.
I agree.
I always use a "pram" for a newborn, so that they can lie flat. I hate the car seat thingys. The babies never look comfy to me.
Best of luck with your search I'm between the M&P Pramette and Bugabee Bee at the minute for my number 4
It also depends on your lifestyle.
We do a lot of walking, we live down a country road with lots of potholes and rough terrain. Om DS1 we went through tonnes of lightweight buggies, like the McLaren (2) and the M&P pulse and a Graco 3 in 1, as I didn't know any better!
I've learned since and we now have a Bugaboo (inherited)/ a Hauck Infinity. I use these when I am out and about with either of the two youngest. I have a Lovencare Europa for when we're walking with all three kids.
So you really need to weigh up your lifestyle and if you live in an urban location with lots of smooth footpaths a lightweight pram like the McLaren is ideal. If you walk a lot across rough terrain you probably need something sturdier.
Also would second buying something secondhand from a MM. Some of the travel systems for sale her are as good as new!
This may seem a bit like getting ahead of yourself but....
If you are hoping to have a 2nd baby fairly soon then getting a single that converts into double is a great idea - will save you money and space!
Phil & Ted, iCandy Pear & Love n' Care Europa all do this - the buggy addicts will def know of others out there that do this also
DO the buggy addicts know of other single buggies that can convert to a double (for different aged kids)?
Have heard of iCandy Pear and Phil & Teds (heard Phil & Teds is heavier?)
I agree with Mamnotmum if you're hoping for a another baby we got the P&T when we had DD in jan but I wish I'd known about them first time round.... it is a bit heavy, not to push, just to lift into the boot. I love it though.
I was just about to post that if it was me I would go for the Phil and Teds - especially if you are intending on having more than one child. It makes sense! I love ours and wouldnt be without it. BIL and SIL recently had their first baby and went with the P&T Sports and they love it also.
When we had DD it just meant buying the doubles kit - so no major expenditure involved.
DS tends to walk a lot now or use his scooter but I throw the second seat under the pram and if he gets tired I can just pop it on and away we go.
Would 100% recommend it.

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