childcare - creche or minder in waterford?


Hi all,
Just wondering would anyone have an idea of approx costs in Waterford of
1. Childminder in minders own home
2. Creche
for a full week - 9am till 5 five days a week?
waterford city? not sure about childminder costs as I'm in the county
you could be looking at anything from 30 t0 40 euro a day
dont know bout creche sorry
hi i know last year when my ds was in full time it was just under 900 euros for the month full time in creche in waterford city.Prices could have changed since then .
THanks for replies. Can anyone recommend any creches or child minders that they have used? Feel free to pm me if you prefer.
sent you a pm!
Rollercoaster has regular posters on Childcare Issues and Childminding Professionals boards from minders in WD city, including Adrienne and Puppypower. From what I can gather, Waterford has been badly hit with the recession to date and minding costs have dropped considerably, but if you post on one of these boards, I know you will get more acurate info
I priced two creches recently, one was €170 per week per child, the other prices by the day at €42 per day per child, with a 10% discount for a second child.

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