Community Creche?


SIL has two kids and is looking for a community funded creche for her eldest to attend for a couple of hours a day. Is there such a thing - neither her nor her partner are working and I cant seem to find any info about this on the net.
We have a community creche, at least I think it is (don't use it but plan to) and it was (I say was as this was last year and may well have gone up) €10 a day (a day being 3 1/2 hours)
Does anyone know if there is one in Wicklow & how much etc...
I don't think there is a central register of them anywhere. They were set up by any group who applied for a grant and met the conditions rather than any central organisation. The Vincent de Paul set up some. The Community Welfare officer might be able to give more information.
Or the phn might know too.
Where are they based - there might be a MM from that area who will know
ClaireC & Rubul thanks for the replies - she is based in D24.
there a quite a few in tallaght, try logging onto the hse preschool services website and you will find a list if all reg creches in tallaght, it usually states whether the creche is private or community. hth!
My kids are in a community creche in Kerry and i have just been hit with a 100 euro a month increase. When i phoned local private creches, they are 105 euro's cheaper. Trying to decide to take the kids out who love the community creche and put them in a private creche. The fees are going to go up again in October/November and the bottom line is i cant afford to pay them.
The phn has a list of them. She would be the first port of call as some of them you need referrals.

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