Kids going to creche on your day off?


I'm just wondering would you put your kids into creche if you were off yourself?
Reason i'm asking is that i'm off for a week after Easter and my kids go to creche from 8 to 1 Monday to Thursday. Don't know whether to send them in (i'm paying for it anyway) or keep them home? (creche will be closed bank holiday Monday)
I am off on maternity leave and DS1 goes two days a week. He loves it and enjoys the company. If you think they might be bored at home why not send them just one or two days??
my thinking would to let them go for a couple of days, get all your jobs done while they are there and then spend all your free time with them when they are finished.
It would depend, if I was told right now I could take next week off I'd send the kids the first 2 days definitely as I'm wrecked from sleepless nights with DD1 so I'd use the time to get some sleep and rest and then probaly arrange to do something fun with them the other days, zoo or something like that...
I send DD to creche on days that I'm off and use the time to catch up on housework so it frees up weekend time a bit. I usually let her sleep as long as she wants and then bring her in later and collect her a bit earlier. On a regular day she has to be up and out by 8am so when I'm off it could be 9 or 9.30 before we leave and then I'll collect her around 3.30 or 4 rather than 5pm.
She gets fed up at home all day so at least if I use the time wisely to catch up on housework it means I've time to do things with her and bring her places at the weekend rather than have her just hanging around the house watching me do laundry!
A few times ive dropped them into the creche at around 9/9.30 but i'm just wondering would this annoy my creche. Most days when i drop the girls, DD2 would be the first in her room (baby room) and I feel bad that the minders would be there at 8am waiting and i wouldn't turn up until 9.30!! Now i know myself if i worked there i would be delighted to have an hour and a half less to mind her but do you think they would be put out? When i first put them in there the woman said "ohh I will have to know the times cause I need to have staff there".
Sorry a bit long winded..hope you get my drift!
When I am in work DS is in creche at 8.30am but because I am off he goes in at 10am. The girls don't care what time he comes in at, they are being paid to be there anyway and sure there are other kids to mind!
I would drop them a couple of days at least. Nothing worse then breaking the routine, esp when you don't have to.
Have something lined up to do, jobs are halfed when you don't have kids with you....
We are like this for this and next week. I am off this week and dh next with dd1 for her hols. DD2 has gone in as usual today but have told them she wont be in tomorrow. I usually tell them if I know she will be off or late in... but other days it might just happen that she is late.
the same if I collect her early.

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