what to charge for afterschool care?


hi just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what to charge for the following i have been approached about minding two school going children aged 9 & 10 it would be from 3 until 6 I would be picking them up from school providing meals and doing homework. I want to come up with something that is fair for both sides but am at a loss on how to work it out.
any imput would be greatly appreciated!
well, i would charge the same regardless whether it was after school care or day care. That would be five euro for the 1st child of the family and 3.00 an hour for the second child of the family.
yeah thats about what they all charge,i pay my minder 5euros an hr but its per child regardless of how manys there from 1family but i dont mind i mean in fairness would any of us work for any less than 5euros an hr,i def wouldnt and the reasurrance of them been well looked after is worth every penny,all our children are our lifes after all,sorry im rambling a bit now

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