Difference between P&T Sport, Dash & Vibe?


Does anyone know the difference between the various different Phil and Teds buggies? I was having a look at the new Vibe in Mothercasre the other day, but found it quite bulky. Does anyone have any feedback on these buggies?
Many thanks
Nobody at all??
Hi, pop over to the buggy addicts thread, a couple of the girl have had the sport and vibe so will be able to help you out.
Ive had the sport and love it, its a really great buggy, so light to push even as a double.
I have looked at them all and I am going to go for the Vibe.
The reason for me is that I like the look of it, it seems very easy to push and it (to me) looks more stylish than the others.
I am not "sporty" at all so getting the sport would be a joke for me
They had a chart in Mothercare I think about the differences - I think the position of the break was one of them
I can't tell you all the differences. I have the E3. I love it. I haven't heard good review on the Vibe. Apparently the Dash is the best one to go for at the moment. Pop a post on the Buggy Addicts thread and the professional addicts will give you more info!
Thanks Vixx - I have been going purely on looks so far so I should really do a bit more research.
Won't be purchasing until Feb/March anyway so I have time to ask the ladies nearer the time.
Gypsy againg following on from Vixx, pm posher she had both and can fill you in but I don't think she was overly impressed with it and if you ask her a recommendation now she recommends the sport. HTH
The Vibe is a flippin' nightmare. Three of the buggy addicts have had it and sold it on. it's HUGE. Absolutely massive compared to any of the other models. The steering on it is crap which was my biggest issue to be honest. You can steer the Sport with one hand with it weighed down with two kiddies. The red button for the brake is a pain as well. When you go to lean on the handlebar if you were going up a kerb, it's really easy to hit the brake on and nearly give the kids whiplash. It is near impossible to access the basket due to the extra fitting for the double seat. If you put it side by side with the other models you'll see what I mean. I could go on.
The Dash is the design of the Sport but has the improvements of the Vibe such as the new harness, plastic foot well. The brake is also awkward where it is though.
IMO the Sport is the best buy. Best value and choice of colours. Fair play Roz.
If anyone wants more detail let me know.
Good woman posher knew you'd be around at some stage.
Hope that helped save you a few quid gypsy
I have the Dash and I love it
I waited and waited for the Vibe and then was disappointed with it - to me its a totally different buggy to the normal P&T's. I am relieved I didn't get it - if you look on youtube there are a number of videos showing different problems people had with it - also with it being a chrome frame I reckon it would be scraped in no time One of the only things with the Dash is that it that its quite heavy to get in and out of the car but its lovely to push. It has removable padded inserts for each seat and the doubles kit can recline. Have no hesitation recommeding it and re the brake I don't find it awkward at all. The only other thing is that the colours are limited - I have the black/grey (the only one Mothercare had) I think there may be a black/red version as well - but not as good a selection as the sport unfortunately
Bekim is it really heavy for boot as here we live fairly rural so every buggy is a boot buggy.
Can you also tell me I'm considering getting one, but have it stuck in my head somehow that you kick the under seat when walking or have to stand a mile out to push iykwim

WE are the same here I would have to drive somewhere to go for a walk
There is no denying it is heavy - maybe cos am so used to firing the maclaren in and out - but personally it wouldn't put me off it
Haven't used the doubles kit at the back yet as DS1 has to go in it at front as he is heavier kid - but I vaguely remember commenting that my shins were bumping into it in the shop and the girl said I would get used to it and adjust (well she would wouldn't she ) will try it out 2morrow and let you know
What a think to say don't fancy going around with black and blue shins would appreciate it thanks Bekim.
I am interested to see the responses to this one too!
We are only home from Portugal since yesterday and our much loved P&T E3 was damaged beyond repair somewhere between Faro and Dublin. It looks like it was dropped from a height. Despite being in its carry bag the wheel is at right angles to the buggy, the other wheel is buckled, the axle is wonky, the handle is bent and some of the bolts are now loose. The Lazy Ted was inside the buggy bag and one of its metal legs is shattered!!! I mean WTF???
Anyhow we dropped up to Tony Kealys this morning to get their expert opinion.... we dont want it fixed now, we want a new one. They agreed that the pram whilst it could be repaired(ish) has most certainly been weakened and we are within our rights to claim for a new one.
While we were there we had a look at both the Sport and the Vibe. I wasnt mad keen on the Vibe... despite it being lighter it actually felt heavier to push. The guy in Kealys said he wouldnt recommend the Vibe... not worth the extra money. Whilst it does fold up with the 2nd seat attached it is so big when its folded that way that its not practical. He said its the Sport all the way.
Now to get Ryanair to cough up for a new buggy, new storm covers, new sunbug covers, new lazy ted!!!!!!!!
Really interesting reading! Think I will be going with the Sport version so! The girl in Tony Kealy's did say it was the most popular version. The Vibe doesn't seem to be selling as well as expected.
Also, thanks Sassy for the link to Buggy Addicts!!
Girls I caved and bought one it arrived today got the pink Camo and WOW I love it cant believe it, it's the one buggy I swore I'd never buy but here I am the proud owner of a Pink Camo Sport.
Hope ye get sorted out would highly recommend it and I've gone through my share of buggies

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