Quinny Buzz feedback


hi girls
Im back again looking for more info....and doing research...
We paid a visit to mothercare at the weekend and seemed to like the Quinny Buzz and the Maclaren XRL Techno.
I really want the traditional pram so I am leaning towards the Quinny Buzz so that I can use the carrycot part...but I am looking for feedback....good and bad on the Quinny Buzz with the maxi cosi car seat. It seemed to be easy enough to go from buggy to pram to car seat holder!....and was light and easy to move around...with no baby in it of course.
So what have people found are the pros and cons of the Quinny?
We live in the country so any walks would be on a regional road, I would never be using public transport (cos there isnt any!) and have a car with a small boot though DHs car has an ample one so there would be no prob swapping.
All feedback welcomed...
Also details of any websites that sell them greatly appreciated.
I have a quinny although I dont use it now as I have a double buggy now but loved it.
Great for walks etc. Loved how easy you can put carseat onto the frame etc.
Prefer the older model to the newer one as the buggy part seems very small and couldnt see a child of 1 or more fitting into it. Make sure the frame fits in your car as I used to have a fiesta and had to take the whell off for it to fit.
I was going to go for the Buzz but have used it for the past year with my little nephew and found two things that drove me spare.Firstly,the tray under it is absolutely tiny.I'd go to the park with him and after putting in the rain cover couldn't even fit my handbag!It sounds trivial but if you want to go to the shop for a pint of milk,thats all you'll fit in it!The other thing I find is that its very wide at the back.The wheels are huge.I find it hard to fit down narrow aisles in shops (Boots is impossible!) compared to his new lightweight buggy which is much narrower.
Anyway thats my tuppence worth.I'll be buying my pram from this site.Its the cheapest I've found and the customer service people are lovely and very helpful.
Good luck! ... search=502
I love mine.
I think it is brilliant to push, I also have a Maclaren and there is no comparison. I thought the width of the wheels would be a problem but they never have been, I have never found a door or shop aisle I couldn't get through. The shopping basket is small alright but I can fit the equivalent of about 2 Tesco bags full it it (takes practice!).
The big disadvantage is the room in takes up in the boot of a car but since I don't drive and DH has a big car it wasn't an issue for us, it is also very heavy to lift in and out.
thanks for the replies girls....i would say the boot of my car will be a its a yaris...though it can be made bigger by reducing the leg room in back of the car...which babs wont need...but i think any buggy is going to be a problem for is 8 yrs old so will prob be changing soon...though its going fine and dont feel like spending money on a car!!
but i better try it out...dhs car will be fine

The Quinny fits in the Yaris but only if you remove the parcel shelf and the wheels (wheels of the Quinny that is not the Yaris ) Like you say though most buggys will be a bit of a squeeze in a Yaris.
my yaris is the base of lots of jokes already...I can just imagine the fun ppl will have with looking at me trying to get a buggy into the back of it!!
cant see dh agreeing to a permanent day I was using his car for long trip and he was playing golf...there he was off in the yaris with golf clubs on back seat!!

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