how much for 4 day week in creche


How much do you pay for 4 day a week in creche,
I work 4 day a week by choice, DS creche charges 736.66 per month I pay for half the day that he is not in. I rang around a few creche to get prices not willing to change him but to be able to use it as ammunition for them to change the price, but I rang one creche in the same area and they quoted me 823.00, so cant tell them that I am willing to move him cause I got cheaper.
I just think it is madness
Gosh you'd be lucky to have a creche that does a 4 day week!
I looked at this at not one of the creches I looked at were any cheaper for a 4 day week than they were for a 5 day week
I was on a four day week with mine for a long time. 44 euro a day which worked out as 176 per week.
I think you have a very good deal there!
I pay €854 for a four day week - they gave me a 15% discount on the regular five day price.
i do a 4 day week, creche is €50 per day or €190 per week, so they said thats i'm better off to pay for the 5 days and then if i ever need to use the 5th day for appointments, shpping etc. i can send ds in and its paid for.
works great for me as i can be flexible with my days and do tuesday to friday or monday to thursday if i prefer.
I think a lot of creches have changed with the times and are more keen to offer flexible arrangements for families... I can get a 3 day, 4 day, 5 day, half days, extra sessions with our creche. They are the most expensive in the area but only because they were the first to open up. All of the creches in the area followed suit though in terms of offering flexible arrangements. They wouldn't see me for dust if I had been asked to pay for days my kids were NOT there.
As Ive already posted I [ay €730 for 3 day so thats good rate I think where are you located??
For the last two years I have paid €780 a month for a four day week. The full time rate is €866. Some of the prices qouted here are mad.

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