Childminder costs; don't want to underpay!!


Hi there, a family friend has offered to mind the kids when I go back to work after maternity leave in December. She will be looking after the 6mth old baby and a 2 yr old full time, 7.30 to 5.30, and dropping off and picking up a 5 yr old to and from the school nearby. This would be 4 days a week. As she is family friend I don't want to be under paying her but I have a feeling she will give us a low quote! Can any experienced minders out there give me an idea what I should be paying?
BTW this is in Dublin
Doza, the average would be 35-40 euro per day per child with a discount for siblings! Childminding is an expensive business. If I was doing it, I'd be charging about 90 a day for all three so 360 per week. Would you be sending in their meals/snacks or would she provide them? That would affect the price as well.
Will she be minding the kids in your house or in hers?
We had a childminder who arrived to our house at 8.30 in the morning. In general I brought DS1 to school - but she was available to do so if necessary, and she stayed with DS2 (or took hime out for a walk or whatever). She collected DS1 from school and looked after the two of them for the afternoon either in her house or in ours and brought them home to us by about 5.30 and gave them tea. I supplied their meals but she supplied snacks etc. if they weren't in our house.
I paid her €360 per week and often extra if I didn't have change or she had brough them on an activity which cost something.
I also paid her for days off she asked for (usually not more than 2-3 a year) sick days (didn't often happen) and whatever hoildays we took - usually 2 weeks in the summer, 1-2 weeks at Christmas and a few days over Easter.
I'm a childminder and for that I would say 110 per day so mates rates maybe 90 per day?

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