Afternoon minder - driver - how much?


Another 'how much' question:
We've had au pairs, very successfully, for the past few years, but I'm thinking about maybe changing this the next time, now that the kids are a bit older.
If I managed to find someone great, and kind, to work from 2.30-6.30, Monday to Friday, collecting children (aged 7 and 9) from school, drive them to different afternoon activities, do homework and make their tea (in our house) - how much would that cost? We're in Terenure, Dublin.
RuthS, a typical after school rate would be 25 per child per day in the Dublin area. Hope that helps. I would also offer a discount for siblings, so you might manage 45 or 40 per day for the two. Depends on the childminder.
Thanks Lami,

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