Nappy please!


Im going up north on Tues for the last bits and bobs for baby's arrival.This is my first so a bit lost when it comes to nappies..I'm going to Sainsburys and gonna stock up,so what sizes should I get?
Does newborn size 1 last them long?
Am I better off getting more of the next size up?Is that called Newborn size 2?
How many of each would be enough?I dont want to get too many in case they grow out of them quicker than I think!
Should I also get size 3 or would it be ages before they'll fit?
Sorry I'm clueless..
Hi The Wife,
My baby is 4 months old so I can vaguely remember. I had 4 packets of new born size nappies when DD3 was born and ended up buying another 4 packs before moving onto the next size. DD3 was on the big side at 9lb 8oz, but also had loads of dirty nappies...sorry if we went through about 10 a day!! She is now on size 3 Huggies and has been for a few weeks, but she weighs about 17-18lbs now and size 3 goes up to 20lbs so she will be on size 4 soon. I would probably buy 4 packs each of Newborn, Size 2 and Size 3 but that's just me. I was in the UK this week and bought 2 boxes of size 4 and 2 boxes of size 4+, about 6 packs of's so hard to guess...
I also bought loads of wipes, formula and some sudocreme....can never have enough of some things!!!
Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck.
Hi the wife, I would get at least 4 packs of newborn and 4 of size 2 - that should keep you going for a while. All babies are different, my daugter is 11 months tomorrow and is still in size 2!!
Hi ds is 19 months now and i learned the hard way! My dad got me a load of new born pampers and i hated them when he was born. I found they leaked alot and had to change him over and over. So i only got through about 2 packet before i changed over to huggies and i found these suited ds much better. If it was me i would wait and see which nappie you find better. As it is i have an attic full of new born baby nappies that i will at some stage have to find a new home for!!
I would have the same advice regarding size. Each baby is different. By best friend's baby never even went into new born baby nappies as he was to big. My ds skiped size 5+ and 6 and went into pull up pants. So you might end up loosing money in the end if you have alot of nappies left over the same applies to formla milk.
I agree with julieone about pampers for boys! They leaked everywhere but are great for girls. Huggies worked for me on both my DS and DD. Do you know what you are having?
Thanks for all that advice.I think I'll get a few packs each of 1,2 and 3 to be on the safe side,but wont go overboard.Thats interesting about the leakage with boys.I dont know yet what I'm having.A general overview I've got on here and elsewhere is that Huggies suit newborns better.Sainsburys are doing offers on them anyway so was going to buy them over Pampers..
Thanks again
I must say, I never had any problems with Pampers and exclusively used them for the 2 years my DS was in nappies. Never had issues with leaks! I'm going to try cloth nappies this time round though... See if I can get them to work! I'm having the same issues with them, not sure what to buy til baby comes! I think it's best to hang on til babe is in your arms. My first was a little monster. 10 pounds and he was two weeks early! I remember having to bring lots of stuff back because he was so big. Good Luck!
I liked the newborn pampers (the ones in the yellow package) best, as they seemed to absorb DD2's poos the best - she could poo for Ireland! They came in size 1, 2 or 3. I don't remember using too many size 1s, just the 2s and 3s. Always found Pampers best, don't like Huggies, they leak on DD2. I wouldn't get too many of any of them, just in case. Hth.

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