travel cot


i need to buy a travel cot for my 4 month old. In laws are in dub so lots of trips being made, we are also going away for a weekend soon and need one for the hotel
any recommendations?
we got one in Lidl when they were on special for €40 and it is great.
DD really loves it and we have used it loads as both families live away from us.
I have the lidl one and the baby einstein one. Baby einstein one can be used with the newborn at a higher position which is handy (this feature can be used till 3 months or a certain weight or till the baby starts to sit up).It also has a musical toy and gym thing which isn't great, but it does assemble as a seperate baby gym using the matress. I also have the lidl one which is narrower than the einstein. Also it takes a regular size cot matress, which is handy if the baby is going to be in it for any lenght of time. Hth's

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