Suddenly crying at bed time


Pip has always gone to bed about 7pm and always been happy to go to bed, never cried and often asked to go herself! However since Sunday she has been crying once I leave the room, I have kept her up a bit later, in case 7pm was too early for her now..the first 2 nights, she cried really loudly so I went in and stayed till she fell asleep, it took an hour. Last night her Dad had her, he kept her up till 8 and she went down no problem. I planned on keeping her up tonight, but by 7 she was tearful and rubbing her eyes and asking for her bottle and I put her down...about 5mins later, she starts sobbing, not crying and not constant, but little i leave her be, she's been quite for about 5mins, or am I going to make her afraid I won't come back? I have never let her cry it out, but it is more whingy then crying
Is she a bit under the weather? Plenty of bugs brewing at the moment. DS was wiped out 2 days ago, only ate a bowl of weetabix all day, seemed fine but just out of sorts, not obviously sick. Now he's got a runny nose ...
hmm, she has a runny nose but I think she is ok, not off her food. Well she seems to be asleep now, but it's just very strange for her.she loves her bed!
My little girl did this and I thought she was having bad dreams or teething but she was coming down with bronciolitis.I only realised weeks later when reading back over her diary,as I have twins I have to write every thing down,and I could see the pattern.I hope your little girl is fine.
DS went through a phase of this about a year ago, so would have been around the same age as Pip is now. He grew out of it though & now goes to bed no problem.
I have just come out of a weeks teething (fingers crossed) & I find he can get unsettled for a couple of nights before the teething actually begins or a bug . its usuallys omething though...DS goes down at 7pm too & we have had this a couple of times & always been something brewing.....Hope all is well

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