Funny/quirky things your toddler does.


Just laughing at DD1 - she insists on going to bed with a baby wipe in her hand! When we kiss her goodnight, she says "I love you ..... now can I have my Woooo-ipe"??????? Don't know if its because its cool on her face or something..... she's funny!
When she wakes up in the morning, she closes all the doors as she goes (her bedroom door behind her, then DD2's bedroom door, then comes into our room and closes that door!)
What funny/odd thing does your LO do?
dd2 hides her socks behind the curtains every morning. She really hates wearing socks. She gets dressed every morning herself and then I check to make sure everything is the right way around, when I ask her why she is wearing no socks she tells me they are choking her feet.
Any ailment DD3 has at the moment is cured by wet tissues applied!
Every evening she puts on her PJ's and before she goes to bed she takes them off and sleeps in her vest and knicks!When she was a baby she slept with a terry towel over her face!
DS cannot abide the screen saver starting. The minute it comes on, he yells "We lost it!" and runs to move the mouse.
Also, anything I can do, I can do better if I'm holding his stuffed Mickey Mouse while I do it.
DD & DS both have a special blanket, they both tickle it along their nose..
Like a comfort thing..
Thats about it I think..
this is just a once off but so funny i have 2 share it. my dd was going through family photos lst week with ds he is 3 and stoped at a pic of me pregnant i heard her telling him that was u when u were in mammys belly it was so funny he got up came over 2 me and said mammy why did u eat me thats very naughty myself and dd was in stiches but he just looked so serious and confused . its times like that i just love being a mammy
my dd1 - age 3, puts her hand up your sleeve when shes tired, she especially loves the soft (fat) part of the back of your arm and rubs it while sucking her thumb. its really cute althoug hit sounds a little odd. now with her little sister she tries to put her hand up her sleeve in the back of the car and sometimes up her trouser leg and holds her arm or leg like you would hold a hand.
My pair of girls are quite odd really especially DD2. DD2 must close her shoes a particular way. Apparently I always do it wrong She won't wear skirts and she must pick her own clothes and dress herself. When she is anxious she pulls at her skin, to the point of bleeding. She runs a mile from strange men, especially quiet, harmless men. She sort of likes odd, hairy men. She has to do her own seat belt in the car and it has to be in her own particular way.

My DS1 still does this, well the bingo-wing bit, and he is nearly 14! He doesn't suck his thumb but he loves hugging my upper arm, and wobbling it
He also loves gently squeezing DS2's pudgy arms & legs.
Hmmm maybe he will develop an interest in big girls!!! (Or boys... )

Dora, DS did the same up to this year when he discovered my Dunnes Stores Bamboo footies. He now wears them all the time. Doesn't care that they're womens because they just look like short socks on him, just loves the comfort
DD2 can't eat breakfast until after 10am, she's not a morning person and just gags before 10am, so when she's going to montessori she has honey on toast in the car She does lots of funny funky stuff though, like she's only listen to female singers(especially Pink), hates Britanny spears and wears a tutu to bed alot of the time at home so she can be a ballerina in her sleep.
DS is being very cute at the moment. When I tell him theres a baby in Mummys tummy he runs over, lifts my top up and kisses my tummy. I think he still misses the skin to skin contact! Mind you he tries to hg me but his little arms dont go round me but he keeps trying to get them round! I feel huge!!!! He also makes kissy faces that are so funny. I wont tell you about the pooing face..........
DS has to take off his pants, underpants, socks and shoes, and then throw a perfectly good (totally unnecessary) sheet of toilet paper into the potty before flushing contents down the loo. This happens in and outside the home.
In supermarkets etc he has to walk on the line (made by the tile pattern) or in car parks - walk on the white lines.
DD2 keeps going around to everyone saying "mornin" no matter what time of the day it is. She is big into hugs at the moment and keeps coming over to us putting her head against where ever she can reach and says "ahhhh baby"
Both ds & dd have to run in when they hear the closing credits of a cartoon/eastender /whatever and say bye and wave at the telly !
I know ds has loads of odd things he does but i cant think of them
dd2 has lots ...v annoying if you are in a hurry.
has to run up the ramp at creche with trolley bag and has to beat me!
has to ring the bell even if the door is open.
has to be first to open the door in the morning,
has to be first to have straps on (beating her sister) in the car
has to have the lid of her boppy to put her dodie in before she drinks said boppy.( this will be fun as we are giving both to Santa!!)
has to go first up and down the stairs.
ok.. you get the idea ... first is important to her at the moment!!
she too likes rubbing my arm when shes tired and huggy!
thats all I can think of off the top of my head although theres loads more!!
oh yeah, has to choose colour of straw for drink, and also which plate and fork to eat from...
for the past 2 years at least my now 3.5 yr old DS requests saucepans from our drawers and fills the contents with his toys (cooking). this goes on all day. Tell me please that some other child does this????
There are so many others I can't start to think of them.
They have both liked touching their necks (can't believe both of them have same habit!) for comfort (either with bottle or watching TV/ sulking)
DD does that too Yogamum, but she now uses the milk jug off the coffee maker to make tea for all the pot babies
Well, when DS is going to bed, he sticks his hands out between the cot bars and waves one hand to the other saying "hello mr hand, hello mr other hand, let's go to the circus tunnel" andd proceeds to go into a rigamarole about his hands and where they're going tonight. It's hard not to fall about the place laughing at him.
glad to hear it Mammy4Life - does she put all her toys in the real saucepans? We are driven demented tripping over saucepans.
Yeah She loves real sauce pans. We bought her a toy kitchen last X-mas and she never went near it, she prefers the real thing
I bought her a little Minnie mouse Tea set in Heatons last week, it's not plastic, it's porcelaine or something, but she loves that too because it's real or at least more like the real thing than plastic
DS1 usually goes around the house with one sock on & one sock off. We have no idea why. After a bath he loves to run & jump around the room doing what he calls his 'nudie dance'. And he won't go to the toilet if there is anything in the bowl, even a clean piece of tissue. We have to flush it before he'll use it.

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