Need Ideas for Mam's 60th?


Has anyone any great ideas for my mam's 60th birthday?
I had thought of colour me beautiful, has anyone had that done? Can anyone recommend anything else? She has enough cut glass to cover the Crysler Building and probably enough pottery/oranments to fill a quarry, I would love to mark the occasion by having her do something she will always remember.. Any suggestions??
Thanks in advance
How about a day at a Spa where she can get pampered till she's content with life!!!
How about a full day out. Start with hairdresser/manicure or similar and then to a posh hotel for a long lunch/dinner and then to a show ?
HI there
You could do a "this is your life" type book up for her.
I did one for my Dad for his 70th and he was chuffed. Our whole family contributed with photographs and stories pertaining to same and some of the family even wrote a funny limerick or poem to include. I have since done one for my sisters hen night and my sisters did one for mine. Its really a great laugh.
While a Spa day is a fab idea a nice piece of Jewellery or a watch could be lovely to.
It really depends how much you want to spend.
Following on from Ciara's suggestion of the This is your Life Book, my mother in law organised a This is your life night for her parents anniversary, and it was great. She made up the book, and at the party they done the whole "do your recognise this voice bit" and it was just brilliant.
I think that something like this really depends on your mum. Do you think she would mind being reminded how old she is? I don't mean that in a bad way, but you know some people want to forget how old they are.
If you don't think something like that would work, you could just throw her a great party. I would highly recommend a 50's/60's night. All the songs that she used to dance to and the clothes that she used to wear. If you have any pictures of her in her best get-up from the era, enlarge one or two of these for posters around the room/hall.
All the other suggestions were great too though. It really depends on your mum and what you think she might like best.
Is there something she always said she wanted to do but put it off because of one thing or another? Maybe a balloon ride or something like that?
I must say, the This is your life book sounds fab! Great Idea!!
totally love the This is your life idea.. I will have to get my brother on board though, as I am too far away to get the info I would need.. I think maybe a day at the spa would be in order..
Thanks for the help girlies...
Hi Jagg,
Just to say I went for a 'Colour me Beautiful' in the Powers Court Centre for my 30th and found it really excellent. Its not just colour but style of cloths to suit your body shape, hair colour, makeup, even shoe style and jewellery. I also had a shopping trip with the lady in question and this was the best part. You are under no obligation to buy what she suggests but it was great to have someone who knew what they were talking about going shopping with you. I now find that I can shop for cloths in half the time because I know my body shape I know what I can get away with. In all it lasted about 4 hours and it was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten.
Hope this is some help..
Was coming on to tell you about the this is your life idea but it is already covered.
We got my mum A CMB voucher for her lsat birthday and she was thrilled with the idea of us getting her somthing so personal and also with the experience itself.
A family photo is always a nice thing too.
Dunno if this would be more or less work than a This is your Life book, but what about a scrapbook of nice memories her friends / family have of her? Something that they hold dear that she might be unaware of? My friend did one for her mum & sent out a nice sheet of paper to everyone, making sure to ask them to write on ONE side only, so it could be scrapbooked nicely (what an Americanism, I hate that it has become a verb ).

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