help! american sizes?


I need help with usa sizings,,,,,, im bidding on a ski suit for my dd, on ebay, its a us seller and us sizings, its an adult suit size 4 p? whats the P? id imagine that the size four is small , she is only 13 and quite slim,,,,, id say she would be a size 8 here in ireland, or even a size six........ anyone able to help me?
size 4 is a 6 in ireland but not sure about the P?
Petite! Usually has narrower shoulders, shorter sleeves, etc. Perfect for me - Principles is the only place I've found here that offers petite sizing & they're usually waaaay out of my budget.
4P is roughly the same as an 8P (there's two full sizes in the difference) - some manufacturers size either small or generously though, so it can be a bit hit & miss.
American 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
British 6 8 10 12 14 44 46
The above are the sizes. A 4 US is a 6 here in Irl which is very small. Don't know if its an all in one suit or trousers and top but the tops of some of the trousers (the ones without the braces-salopettes) can be VERY tight fitting
thanks girls, I didnt win the suit anyway, but she is tiny in shoulders etc,,,, im a size 12 and the only thing of mine thats not too small on her is my shoes..... she is only about 5'1, and still fits 11 12 year old clothes, so I was hopeing this tiny but fantastic suit, ( was fantastic I was hopeing if I won it it would fit me) would be the job....... safer though to get measurements I suppose.
this forum is brill though cos otherwise id be just guessin......... and im such a nitwit , didnt cop to petite and should have cos im a petite myself, and give out about long sleeves and legs on everything...... im only petite height wise though,,,, feel a cheat callin myself petite when im as wide as high.......

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