DS has "blurry eyes"


In his own words things are looking blurry. he is 7 and has been saying this for the last 2-3 weeks. He had vision test in school last year and i heard nothing since.
I want to get his eyes checked to be sure. i dont know where to go do i go to public health nurse or just go to opticians or do i have to go somewhere else because i have a medical card??
any help welcome
You could ring your school nurse who will put you in touch witgh the school optician.Or you could go to your local optician.
Ring up the school nurse and the school doctor will see you (if you don't know the number ring the phn and she will give it to you.)
Also most opticians will examine children once they can identify letters etc. I am not sure about the medical card, you'd have to ring the optician and ask.
thanks will ring the phn tomorrow
Our local opticians gets you to fill out a form first if you have a medical card; this gets approved and then you get your appointment - don't know how long this process would take - reckon the school route might be faster - or you could try both and see which appointment comes up first....
I know when DD had her PHN checkup at age 3 and a bit, I asked if she could have an eyetest as we suspected a squint and it was nearly a 6 month wait.
Hope your DS gets seen soon.
Thanks girls i got an appointment for him on fri morning with the phn
Not being smart speedy but I would be more inclined to go with the school system instead of the PHN.....they have the opticians .The PHN wont be able to do a whole lot for him IYKWIM.
thanks mini but the phn is linked with the school checks she always seems to be there. she is going to get the card that was filled out from the school check last year and check him out then. will wait and see what she says. if im not happy i will get 2nd opinion.

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