My DS has his arm in a cast - it is itching him like mad!


Hi ladies, my DS has his arm in a cast for a week now and the itching is driving him crazy!!! any tips on how to ease this? many thanks,ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maybe a dose of anti-histamine (Zirtek or Piriton) might give him some relief or try and use a distraction such as his fave board game, dvd or art+craft session.
this probably isn't the safest idea but i used to to use chopsticks to try to scratch the itch! or maybe the handle of a knitting needle? just make sure it can't get stuck down the cast!

Yup, I used to do this all the time when I broke my foot, but you can learn from my mistake, don't use a plastic ruler! I snapped one in half while scratching my leg and the bottom bit was trapped in my cast until I got the cast changed
Thanks,ladies,will try him with a wooden stick!!xx
Don't stick anything down to scratch, I'm sure the hospital would have told you that. The skin changes under the cast and can easily be cut and get seriously infected by sticking something down to scratch. I had 2 dd's with casts on their legs over christmas and the hospital were adamant about it.
god no, don't stick anything down there. try scratching the same place on the opposite arm..??

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