would u send her back to the same school?


dd had a horrible time in school in september, mostly down to a horrible teacher. i had her name down to send her back there because a friend off hers is going there. she just said to me now "remember that teacher in school why did she call me a loner, i never want to go back there again". the teacher ive heard is out sick all year since i took dd out.
i taught she would have forgotten about it but now i think i should start looking at other schools
What kind of vibe did you get from the teacher?
and what kind of vibe did you get from your DD?
If i thought a teacher was upsetting DS1 I'd bring it further (to principal) if talking to teacher didnt solve problem....
But if my gut instinct told me DS was unhappy and would more than likely find it hard to settle and dislike going to school I think I'd look into finding another one...
How are you keeping??
the teacher was rude to me and in my opinion nasty to dd. if she is going to return there teaching i won't send her back i have decided.
im grand pc is fecked, trying to recover my photos now from it have program running so fingers crossed. im having mm withdrawals!
Sami look for other schools in the area and check them out.
With regards to this school do you know others with children here, are they happy with it? Did you just have a bad experience with one teacher, what are the others like?
You could be going to this school for the next 12 years so you and your dd need to be happy with it.
Was thinking you were keeping quiet!!
I'd go with your gut instinct and look for another school then.
Fingers crossed you get the pics back xx
the school is tiny, sent her there because someone told me the school nearer me was bad for children. the principal is retiring this year so i think he has really lost interest in how it is run. dd was only there a few weeks, first 3 weeks she had a stand in teacher who had nothing but praise for her only problem i had during first few weeks was finding dd outside the school gates on the road on her own at home time .
the normal teacher came back from sick leave then, and dd was coming hone crying about a girl she was sitting beside pinching her and her shoulder had little marks all over it, so i said it to teacher and she went crazy in classroom full off kids she said my dd was only a loner and not to listen to what she told me that if she complained about all the kids she would have no one to play with and that she was bad at her work and didn't believe she had gone to playschool and that she didn't want me bringing dd into the door off school to leave her at the gates and leave.
i took dd out off school a few days later she was waking up at night crying over this girl that was hurting her and over the teacher, she would hold onto my leg every morning and beg me not to leave her there with the teacher.
i don't really know anyone else with kids that age in this area, i was telling a few moms that would have had kids there until 2 or 3 years ago and they were shocked how things had changed so much.
OMG! the cheek of that teacher....
your poor DD...I would def keep away from that school......
Did you give out to teacher for saying that or tell principal she was a rude cow!!?
hi sami84 i know school you are talking about family have kids there pm me if ya want im form near there

I don't think children forget those sort of experiences. Children retain an awful lot more than we give them credit for. I would certainly not send her back to that particular school - it does not hold pleasant memories for her.

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