Ds so upset


DS just came in sobbing from the field across the road (in our eatate) where they play, he has had a falling out with his friend & his friend hit & kicked him, (Ds prob hit & kicked back but I am not sure, he's a little softie).
Problem is his friend's mam usually takes them to school together in her car & altho according to DS friends mammy seen friend hit & kick DS she didn't come over to me, phone me or even stay in for the 2 mins it would have taken for me to go see what happened, by the time I got to the door she was passing in her car.
I dunno whether to send DS over in the morning as usual or whether to bring Ds to school myself, which will no doubt cause bad feeling between me & the mammy & ofcourse the kids'll be playing together tomorrow
Send ds over to her in the morning and see what happens. Children will always fall out an in with each other all the time.
Thats what I am thinking but DS doesn't wanna go with them... I'd hate to be 1 of 'them mothers' that falls out over kids
I'd give her quick call or pop over and say that X seems to have had a fight with Y ... just checking it's all ok with them .. it'll probably blow over by tmrw!!
Would you ring her and just say they had a bit of an argument, would her ds come over and they could make up?
If it is a once off I wouldn't make a big deal of it - it could be your ds hitting him next. Now if it was happening all the time then that would be different.
She may not have seen it or realised they were fighting.
I try to stay out of the kids fights as they will make up and then you will be the bad guy.
Maybe ring the mother say they had a fight but you are sending DS over as usual in the morning and just ask her to keep an eye.
Not balaming anyone is the best.
It could def be my DD hitting him next time but not my DS he's too soft for his own good, when he cae in crying DD went straight out looking to see what happened... she's a little madam when she wants to be.
Def not blaming anyone kids are kids
I think I will pop over later to see if she has the book list & mention it in passing

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